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Why Rajathan is so Special?


Rajasthan, The kaleidoscope of a singular beauty, offers everything a tourist looks for. Anyone touring across Rajasthan gets easily connected to the culture of the “Land of Kings”. During my travel across the desert state which took more or less three weeks, I had lot of unique experiences which I never had in any other part of the country.


My choice was the most popular tourist destinations like Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Though I spent around twenty days in these places, I need to say, there are still much more to explore. I have tried here the best of my experiences during my visit to Rajasthan.


Let me start from the Pink City, Jaipur, which is also the capital city of the state Rajasthan. The name Pink City truly gets justified with the prominent architectures dotted across the city. The forts and palaces magnificently built portrays the engineering excellence of the Kings of Rajasthan. The cities built around the lakes when strolling around in the evenings give you an unmatched experience. Truly, the moments of solitude were aplenty for me during my trip to Rajasthan.

Why Rajasthan is the Best Place for Tourism?


Rajasthan has a blend of everything and the state cannot be tagged under one category. Be it a lake or desert, palace or temple, culture, heritage, art forms, everything is there in Rajasthan. The tourist destinations across the state never disappoint any of their visitors.

The Amber Fort and City Palace of Rajasthan coupled with a memorable ride on Elephants is the real retreat for you in Jaipur. The choices for shopping are aplenty and you can also include Anokhi Block Printing museum in your “To Visit” list, a style unique to Rajasthan.

I can say, my trip to Pushkar, the holiest city in Rajasthan was very memorable. The city built around the Pushkar lake has got historical and religious significance attracting lakhs of devotees to the renowned Brahma temple, which is the only one of its kind in India. There are many stories roaming around about the formation of Pushkar city, which may be true or not, but witnessing the beauty of the city, sitting at the banks of the Pushkar Lake is something awesome. If you plan your trip to visit Pushkar during the Camel Fair, which happens annually during November, you can have a tremendously different experience.

Apart from the beautiful lake, Udaipur is known for its monuments having a very vital place in the history of Rajasthan. The art and culture of the state is perfectly exhibited in the villages just outside the Udaipur city. The cultural centre Shilpgram houses huts replicating that of Rajasthan, Gujarat , Maharashtra and Goa. It is a “Living Ethnographics Museum” where one can peep into the rural lifestyle of Western India. Though the village is less populated, it becomes fully alive during festival times with the folk musicians, artisans and dancers. I was able to connect many aspects from this Shilpgram to that of my native village somewhere in South India and that is the unique quality of India you find wherever you go.

An unassumingly wonderful landscape lying at the edge of the Thar Desert is the city Jodhpur in the western part of Rajasthan. Jodhpur still remains to be the epicentre of art, craft and culture since the Mughal period. The places where I enjoyed the beauty of Rajasthan to the core are the Government museum, Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bahwan palace. Every place has its own way of impressing the visitors. The Golden swing in the museum still sways in my memory. The 15th century Mehrangarh fort set on a high hill attracts you with the intricately carved panels and latticed windows exclusively made of wrought red sandstone. The Umaid Bahwan palace is the world’s largest property owned privately.

Jaisalmer fort which is unlike the other forts of Rajasthan is a living fort with few residents inside and more number of visitors from laces far and near. The Jaisalmer fort looks like an upside down sandcastle which gives the visitors an entirely different experience. We also went for a camel safari which is a vital part of your tour to Rajasthan. The mirages in the desert and the night stay in the tents take you to a different world and you will definitely compare the tranquillity of the place with your hustle bustle city life back at your home land.

Bikaner, the final destination of our tour to Rajasthan.  Bikaner is a regally fortified city of timeless appeal. The city retains its medieval charm , being an integral part of the desert triangle of Rajasthan. We were really amazed to know about the Bikaner’s School of miniature paintings which are a fine blend of Rajput and Mughal styles. Some of the places we visited in Bikaner includes the Junagarh fort, Pubic park, and the Havelis. Havelis are the mansions of business people of ancient times and most importantly the wildlife sanctuary. Here also, you have plenty of options to stroll around and go for a camel safari.

When is it right Time to Visit Rajasthan ?

October to February is the ideal time to visit Rajasthan when there is a pleasant climate prevailing across. You can also plan for tours with families and friends.  As an extension of your tour, you can plan for weekend getaways to the nearby locations as day excursions.

Why Rajasthan is must Visit Destination for World Wide Travellers?

Whatever a global traveller looks for, Rajasthan has each of them. Magnificent architectures like forts and palaces with the memories of yesteryear kingdoms, desert landscapes beautified by the procession of  camels and on the contrary, huge lakes reflecting the beauty of the architectures offers you numerous moments of happiness and surprises !

So, plan a tour to Rajasthan this season ahead, take back memories cherished for life time and you will get to know why India is Incredible as we did !!

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