Team of Indian Panorama

One of the key elements of working at Indian Panorama is freedom. While our staff are all proud professionals with a dedication unrivalled in our industry, being a part of the Indian Panorama team brings with it a high degree of flexibility.

The team have autonomy within the workplace- the freedom of flexible work hours enables our people to strike a work-life balance, and a horizontal management structure means the airing of new ideas and expressing opposing viewpoints to those of management are encouraged. We strive to do things differently.

An indication of how much we all love working within the Indian Panorama family is the length of time many of our senior people have been involved, with many people having been a part of the team for 6, 8 or even 12 years.

Meet some of our energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds

Pandian Kumaravel

Mr. Pandian Kumaravel, has over two decades of experience in the tourism industry. He has received various awards for his entrepreneurship. He is an eminent individual and is part of various National & International Tourism Boards and Bodies.

Mythily Pandian

Mrs. Mythily Pandian, holds Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Post Graduate in Business Administration. She has more than a decade of experience in tourism. She is calm & composed. Her presence always spread positivity and warmth. She is a woman of substance!


Having associated with us for more than a decade, this young man is passionate about travelling. Being a part of several trade marts across the world, he is competent enough in comprehending the clients’ needs and serving them with a personal touch.

Christy Gomez

One of the best managers at Indian Panorama, Christy takes forward the company to greater heights in the God’s own Country with his winning strategies. All his colleagues are passionate about working under his captaincy and expand the horizons of Indian Panorama.

Tim Hawley

Tim made his first visit to India in 2001, falling in love with the culture, the people and the cuisine. After several return trips, he began working for Indian Panorama in early 2006. In the years since Tim has visited almost every part of India, and continues to travel around the country, reviewing hotels, taking walking tours and discovering new destinations. Now based mostly back in his home country of New Zealand, Tim stays connected to India and our team across the country, as well as maintaining passions for Indian classical music and making Indian meals while in New Zealand. His experience provides a unique blend of western sensibilities and insights into how things work in India, and he loves developing long-lasting relationships with clients from all over the world.


A commerce graduate, having learnt the intricacies of this travel trade, Ramya leads a team of Operations Executive. She strongly believes an optimistic nature and hard work will always lead to success. Besides, she loves trying different cuisines to enhance her culinary skills.

Divya Aneesh

A Kerala Specialist, Divya is keen on making the clients experience the best with her uniquely designed itineraries always added with her personal touch. Having come from an entirely different background, Divya has specialized as a tour consultant and manages a team of Operations Executives in Cochin.


Started as an Operations Executive, Radhika has a passion for the unexplored destinations of the country and she recommends them for her clients after a thorough research. She handles the clients in the best possible way every time.She is very pious and spreads positive thoughts with those interacting with her.


A Geologist transformed into a tourism domain expert, Gopal loves recommending the best possible combo of tourist destinations to his clients. He enjoys listening to music and gardening. Indian Panorama wishes his dream of visiting the World’s Seven Wonders come true soon!


A multilingual specialist, Peter is an expert in designing tailor made tours for clients from France and Spain. Having travelled across different countries, Peter is able to comprehend well the needs of his clients with the Westerners’ perspective and offer them the best and unforgettable services. Besides, he enjoys reading historical books and cooking.

Akalya Sreenivas

With ample experience in operations, Akalya started to design the itinerary in 2012. Based at Cochin, she is happy delivering her duties in a perfect rhythm understanding her clients’ expectations and needs. She is expert in dancing and she feels that is the secret of her energy.

Harini Prabhakar

Expert in creating vacation packages specifically for Malaysian customers, Harini thinks the nicest thing about her line of work is the daily opportunity to discover new things from different people and locations. She is also a multilingual person who speaks Marati as her first language

Mary Chandrakant

A person who puts herself in the clients’ shoes and designs itineraries for them with utmost care and personal touch, Mary feels as if she is travelling with the clients every time. She quotes her love and passion towards this industry for her best holiday plans. She loves cooking and playing besides her job.


Sakthi, being one of the successful Tour Consultants with us started his career with us into Guest Relations and with all his hard work utilizing the opportunities and freedom given to him, he transformed into a smart Tour Consultant, pertaining to the needs of the clients. His social responsibility and consistent efforts towards preserving trees to maintain the ecological balance is really notable.


Mathan is a friendly, motivated and responsible person who always considers him as one among the clients travelling in the tour while he creates the tour plan for his clients. His attention even to intricate details of the tour makes him a reliable and efficient Tour Consultant


Though she is a Computer Science graduate with no background of accounting, her accounting skills are commendable. She is open-minded, always shows readiness to learn new things at work. Whatever work she handles, she does it meticulously. She loves her job and appreciates being a part of South Tourism. She utilized all given opportunities in the right way and has established a promising career with South Tourism. She is a mother of a 4 years old daughter.


Senthil holds a pharma diploma but has built a strong career with South Tourism. From the beginning, he took every opportunity positively and worked diligently in many departments to prove his mettle. He also handled transport allocation for some time before he came into the Accounts section. He had also been keen on improving his skills in English language skills which he believes, has helped him to complete his works in a flawless manner. Besides his work, he loves to spend time with his children and to listen to music.


She has done her masters’ degree in Finance Control. She worked previously in L&T Finance, Chennai. Later she joined South Tourism. She handles Travel Agents accounts & receivables, bills etc. She is a dedicated person, contributes the best of her potential to add to the organization’s growth and its values. She feels happy to be associated with South Tourism as she has learnt many new things and gained more insight in her work. Apart from her work, she loves gardening..




Being an Electrical Engineer, Naveen has learnt the intricacies of this tourism industry well and currently he is into the Operations wing of Indian Panorama. Naveen is more attached to his family, taking utmost care of his parents and his brother and is able to manage well between his work and life. The diligent working style and perseverance of Naveen allows him to complete tasks in time and spend time for himself and his family.


She loves studying and learning. She is always straight forward yet polite. Despite this being her first job in her profession, she sincerely enjoys what she does and pays close attention to every last detail to ensure that everything is ideal for her clients' travels. She likes to cook and views it as her free therapy for always feeling energetic


Sangeetha is a cheerful and pleasant individual. She makes sure that everything is in place for clients by working efficiently. Her perseverance, tenacity, and strength add to the value of both her life and her work. She enjoys cooking. She likes to listen to music and watch movies.


Acclaimed by most of the clients, Sanjay does not afford to miss the chance of making his clients happy and satisfied and he always goes the extra mile for achieving that. He is passionate about serving in Tourism Industry and he is so supportive and compassionate towards his clients. He enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.


Leena is skilled at working with travellers from all over the world and has a long list of degrees. She has a strong desire to work in the tourism sector. She is also the creator of the Vanakkam Madurai and Food Safari themes and had expertise in other fields before working in tourism. She enjoys engaging with customers and takes great care to provide them with the best services.