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Nothing makes one happier than the sense of freedom. When the sense pervades a workplace, you have a bunch of happier colleagues around. Indian Panorama swears by the empowerment and freedom to employees. In fact the Organization embraces employee autonomy. There is freedom to flex work hours to accommodate family life while still meeting organizational goals; freedom to air new ideas and opposing viewpoints with the management; freedom to do things differently, freedom to have a healthy work-life balance. We understand what 'freedom at workplace' means and Indian Panorama has honed that to an art.

Here are some of our energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work.

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Senior Manager / Accounts - 2003

Venkat, a maths graduate, holds a degree in Computer Applications too. He was an Entrepreneur in 1995, imparting computer education along with commercial data processing. He worked closely with many Chartered Accountants by assisting them in generating accounting reports. His close association with CA’s helped him to create his own, specialized, computerized packages for accounts and he supplied them to many small companies successfully. Over the years he became proficient in accounting and his strong computer skills helped him in automated report generation. He joined Indian Panorama and realized his dream of building a career in Accounts. He is multitasking now, proficient in accounts, handles all the bureaucratic works for the company too. Advanced accounting procedures are being followed, using our tailor-made software. Venkat facilitates the company policy of no paper and us in contributing positively to the society on a daily basis. We are utilizing 100% e-payments (net banking) for all receivables and payables.


Senior Tour Consultant – 2003

Being associated with Indian Panorama for the past 12 years, Moorthy loves to discover places and interact with the habitants to experience different aspects of people’s life across India right from the geographic nature, food, culture, occupation etc. Apart from this, he has been a part of International Travel Marts and conferences to meet new travel enthusiasts all over the world. He is passionate about comprehending multi-national clients’ travel needs and supporting their interest in exploring India. He leads a team of young and successful Tour Consultants in serving a wide range of diverse clients. He is also responsible being a part of Management’s decisions and effecting smooth implementation of the same. He strives to make all his clients enjoy their holiday trip with committed service that always comes with a personal touch.

Christy Gomez

Regional Manager / Kerala – 2003

Christy has got a long association with Indian Panorama since 2003. He takes pride in saying that he grew up with the company and is in a responsible position in the company today. He takes part in important decision making and is responsible for implementation of policies and procedures by being a part of management team. Based in Cochin, he loves his dream come true house that he built. He likes travelling to different places, meet people of different origin as it makes him feel young and energetic. He is a nature lover and owns a huge garden in his house with colorful flowers of all season. Christy is one of the best Managers of Indian Panorama who creates a positive environment for his team to thrive in their career. In the workplace, he gives his team the room to reach their objectives in the ways he sees they can fit in. He helps them figure out what they are good at and then don’t interfere. He allows them the control in ensuring how they do their jobs.

Tim Hawley

Product Development Manager – 2005

After first visiting India in 2001 as a backpacker and falling in love with the country, Tim has been closely associated with Indian Panorama since 2005. During these years he has spent much of his time travelling to all corners of India, researching new destinations, visiting hotels to separate the good from the bad and making sure our clients are able to avoid the latter. Tim coordinates with our Sales team regarding the many choices of hotels available across the country, as well as new and interesting activities in different places. Tim has a particular passion for India and her culture as well as a fondness of the cuisines of India, particularly the vegetarian delights of Tamil Nadu and the spicy pickles of South India.


Operations Manager – 2005

Sindhu comes from a ‘Teacher’ family and she still holds the skill and knowledge with passion in it. Like most people in the industry, she says, ‘I didn't choose to work in Tourism - it chose me’. Having completed almost a decade now in this industry, she has gained profound knowledge of destinations, clients of different origin and handles trip operations throughout India with such an ease. She is a busy mother of a teenage boy, cooks well, enjoys music, sings for anything and can speak non-stop on all her favorite topics starting from cartoon to corruption.


Tour Consultant, 2007

She joined Indian Panorama in July 2005 as an Accounts Assistant, then she was managing the front office. She is a commerce graduate. She learnt all the intricacies of travel trade through on the job training, handled operation works, coordinated for Hotel booking, handled customer queries effectively, in a short span. Having started as one of the members in the Operations team, she now manages a team under her. She feels that her optimistic nature and dedication towards work are driving forces to success. She loves music and is interested to try out different dishes to enhance her culinary skills.


Tour Consultant – 2008

Divya from Cochin has been associated with Indian Panorama for 9 continuous years. She is a Commerce graduate. Her career started as a Tele Marketing Executive in Tata Tele-Communications & Reliance Communications. When she joined she had a basic knowledge about tourism which she gained from her Father who was a tourist driver. She was into Operations where she learnt the intricacies of tour planning. Then she started tour planning for clients. During this time she developed a passion for learning more about tourism industry and the richness of India. Being a Keralite, she knows every nook and corner of Kerala and obviously she is a Kerala Specialist. She has seen many places in India, visited various hotels in different cities which helped her a lot in giving a personal touch while preparing itineraries and suggesting hotels appropriately to people of different origin, based on their taste. By proving her abilities consistently, she got promoted as Sales Manager (Tours) in 2014. She manages a team of 5 and is building a strong and efficient team of Tour Consultants in Cochin. Divya feels proud to be part of Indian Panorama as due attention is always being paid to every individual in the company.


Tour Consultant – 2008

Having started her career with Indian Panorama into Operations, she got promoted as Tour Consultant for her in-depth knowledge about Indian destinations. She is fond of researching about rare spots in India which the tourists have not explored much but is worth visiting to have a unique experience. She is the sort of a person who relishes a challenge but she feels she handles them in the best possible way with utmost faith in the almighty. She shares and spreads positivity with whoever she interacts. She is a Mum to a teen aged son and it's tricky balancing the work/life balance but she feels she take her skills as a parent to the job as there's a lot of thinking on your feet and flexibility required in both roles!

Radhika says, ‘I feel quite proud when we receive feedback about our high levels of customer service and customers' genuine praise really motivates me to continue to work hard’.


Tour Consultant – 2008

Gopal works for this organization for almost 7 years now and says he enjoys his profession thoroughly. Even though he did his post-graduation in Applied Geology, he loves travelling and is fond of visiting various temples. His interest in travel field enables him to understand his clients’ requirement better and assist them accordingly. When he gets leisure time, his wish is to explore the off the beaten places and try out doing adventurous activities. He loves gardening & listens to music to relax his mind. He has two lovely kids with whom he loves spending time. His dream is to make a visit to all the Wonders of the World.


Regional Manager / Chennai – 2008

Bharat is basically a catering student, who has got work experience in various star hotels throughout India. He also has traveled to many places as part of his work. He joined Indian Panorama in 2008 and has worked in various branch offices including Bangalore, Delhi where he was handling all branch office operations in a smooth way. He is now heading Chennai branch, in addition to planning tours for clients. He has a new born baby, christened as ‘Thanmayee’ who he adores much. He finds happiness in handling challenges and he does it with complete ease. In his spare time he loves to travel and cook – he is a real foodie!

Jabin Peter

Tour Consultant – 2009

Peter has been associated with Indian Panorama since 2009. He comes with a vast experience in the travel industry of more than 15 years, he is a well-seasoned traveler with passion towards India. He has travelled extensively across the world as well as he has crisscrossed the various corners of India several times. His ability to speak and write in French and Spanish comes very handy while organizing trips for the people from France and Spain. He has lived and worked in France and Ecuador, South America for almost a decade, with his experience he is able to bring a different, Western perspective about traveling in India. Apart from traveling his passions are reading historical books and cooking as well!


Tour Consultant – 2010

She joined Indian Panorama in 2010 as an Operation Executive and then got promoted as a Tour Consultant in 2012. She takes pride in saying this as her first job after completing her Post Graduation. Her career with Indian Panorama sounds always very exciting to her as she feels she developed herself positively in terms of career as well as in her personal life, after becoming a part of this company. She thinks her job has given her a excellent opportunity to learn new things and to communicate with different people all around the world. Dance is her passion since her childhood and she also loves listening to music. She is a young Mom who is kept busy at home too. However she enjoys motherhood thoroughly as she is able to learn lot of new things from her Mom every day as to how to raise her son in a responsible way. She says her goal in life is to reach a self-sufficient position in order to help others with whatever she has got.

Bipin Prasad

Customer Service Manager

He joined Indian Panorama in November 2010. He has worked in many locations but his first role in the company started as a Guest relations Executive at Chennai. Then he moved to Pondicherry branch and was in charge of Operations, later moved to Cochin Branch & then to Delhi office as well. His utmost flexibility shown at workplace helped him to learn more and gain good exposure about the industry as he is basically from an Accounting background. Every day added new learning experiences for him and he is now fond of travel trade. After 5 continuous years of his journey in Indian Panorama, he has become a Tour Consultant, based in Cochin, a Kerala specialist who creates holiday trips meticulously for people to enjoy travelling than just being a traveler. Bipin says his favorite part of working at Indian Panorama is being involved with people every day from all around the world.


Customer Care Manager – 2010

Sanjay is a loving and caring person by nature which he feels is the main reason to be part of hospitality industry. He goes out of his way to help people in bringing a ‘smile’ on their face. He has a great care and love for people who he meets. He joined Indian Panorama in 2010 as a Tour Executive and he always have had situations where he goes that extra mile to serve clients and make them happy and comfortable. He has received lot of accolades from clients for being so lively, supportive and compassionate. He is very passionate about traveling to different places, especially in India and meet new people and to explore new destinations. To relax after work he loves to listen to music and likes to play Cricket. He never fails to find time to spend with his family. He is extremely happy to handle the role of Customer Care as he keeps saying that he never had to work even a day as he just loves his job role.


Tour Consultant – 2011

Leena holds a long list of degrees and varied career record that includes Lecturer, medical Counsellor in a Government Hospital, Social worker etc. But it was a saga of change in her career since 2011, after she got associated with Indian Panorama. One thing that enthralls her is that something different happens every day in Tourism. Her dedication, commitment and her interest in meeting new people helped her in learning the intricacies of this trade quickly. Though she can plan trip throughout India, she is a specialist in handling tours for Malaysian & Singapore guests. She successfully pioneered a walking tour in Madurai called Vanakkam Madurai which is an on-going activity being carried out for people visiting Madurai, the temple city. Another novel idea that she started was ‘Food Safari’ at Madurai wherein guests are taken to different food outlets in Madurai to experience local cuisines.


Tour Consultant – 2012

Her journey with Indian Panorama has always been very exciting for her as she feels her role in the company provides lot of opportunity to learn, grow and interact with different people. She is a specialist in assisting Malaysian clients. She has her own clientele for whom she designs holiday packages and ensures wonderful trip for them. She loves assisting her clients and sharing her knowledge with them through itineraries and ensure personalized care for them.


Tour Consultant – 2012

Banu studied Business Administration and specialized in Finance. She began her career in Indian Panorama in December 2012 as an Operations Executive and later she moved to Sales as Tour Consultant. She loves to design and suggest holiday packages for her clients and feels ecstatic when she puts together a nice holiday package that falls right in all aspects and ends up smoothly. Winning is her passion, be it in game or life she says. It is something that she loves and something that she is excited about. She loves to spend time with her friends. She is a Mum to a 5 year old and loves to play with him.


Tour Consultant – 2013

Mary is a Tour Consultant at Indian Panorama since 2013. She feels her job just keeps on getting better and exciting day by day. Though this is not her first job the role she is in right now has become her favorite, because she loves to travel, meet different people, experience new things, learn about different culture and tradition. When she plans a client tour, she puts herself in their shoes, perceives what the client want to see, she does what clients really want to do and finally at the end of the day, she says she feels like she just got back from an amazing trip. She quotes this as the reason for her LOVE towards her JOB. She has keen interest in music, sports and cooking. She always has been good at sports but says she is not so good at cooking though. She loves spending time with her family, especially with her 1year old boy who keeps her busy 24/7. Apart from planning trip, she enjoys her motherhood.


Assistant Manager – Operations - 2013

Soon after completing her MBA, she joined Indian Panorama. She cherishes her work along with her peers whilst grooming herself as a professional. She is a travel freak and loves trying out different cuisines. She has travelled to most of the places in India, which helps her in managing her role in Operations to her best, within a short span of time. She gels up with clients’ tour and takes personal attention on all the arrangements made for them. She believes that the Indian Culture and life style should be widely spread across the world and wants to impart it to the next generation. Her sole interest is to have a smile in all her clients’ face with her spotless arrangements and by ensuring perfect team coordination.


Tour Consultant - 2014

Soon after completing her post-graduation, her journey with Indian Panorama started. She thanks her team for making her comfortable that she never felt this as her first job. She loves to learn new things and gain knowledge. She loves interacting with new people and socializing with her friends and family. Her puppy is her favorite apart from gardening. She feels herself as a rational person as she remains stable during tough times too. She is much passionate about exploring various destinations all over the world. The more she likes in Indian Panorama is the opportunity that is being offered to all its members as part of career. She is another happiest member of Indian Panorama family.


Operations Executive - 2014

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Kalpana has been into the Operations Team of Indian Panorama for the past five years. Though she is from an entirely different background, the way in which she has learnt the intricacies of this Industry is really appreciable. Being a mother of a girl child, Kalpana balances her family and work in an efficient way. She is fond of trying different cuisines in her kitchen and spending time with her lovely daughter.


Operations Executive – 2016

Being an Engineering graduate, Surya admires the work environment at Indian Panorama. Her job is close to her heart and as she loves her job, she doesn’t miss working even for a day. She also appreciates her team who are supportive and helpful. She is happy to have got associated with Indian Panorama. Surya loves to try out cooking various dishes. She strives to keep her home spic and span.