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The Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple located at the southernmost district of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, has been headlining the world news in the recent years. It hold in its vaults, more than a trillion dollar worth of treasure, claiming the title of the “Richest temple in the World”. There are six vaults altogether inside the temple named A, B, C, D,E and F. The chamber A was opened in 2001 by certain famous archaeologists and to their surprise they found more than a tonne of gold, ancient coins, diamonds and lot more. Later in 2011 a seven member team were sent by the Supreme Court to open and investigate about the rest of the chamber vaults. The vaults were opened under the supervision of the Travancore Trust Head Trustee, and lot more of gold and diamonds were uncovered. However an intriguing secret they found is that the Chamber B is connected to another secret chamber and as per the legend it is guarded by the “Nagha Bhandam” or serpents. It is believed the door can only be opened by chanting the “Garuda Mantras” by a Sadhu and not by any other means is it possible. Let it be the latest technological machineries or any human efforts to open this particular door, it is said to create havoc in and around the temple. Some believe it would even cause the end of the world.


The origin of the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple is not found in any historical sources and it still puzzles the modern archaeologists and historians. It is run by the Royal family of Travancore. People from far and near visit the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, fascinated by the news of its mysterious vault and also to pay a visit to the “World’s Richest Temple”.


The Royal Family of Travancore and a group of devotees opposed against the opening of the secret vault, however it could be ruled out by the Supreme Court. The decision could lead to the uncovering of probably the greatest treasure in world history.


Is it true whether the temple is guarded by a supernatural or divine force?


Is it true the mysterious vault inside Vault B cannot be opened by any human efforts?


Is it true it would be the end of the World if this secret vault is opened?


All the answers lie beyond the door of the secret vault.

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