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People of India

India is home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilizations where life is proved to have existed many millennials ago. The best part of what makes visiting India a memorable one is its people. The people of India are the most warmest and hospitable people in the world. Indians are known to take great care in making their guests comfortable. Despite being technologically advanced and flaunting the latest trend in fashion, they always follow the religious habits and endear utmost respect to each other despite being strangers. Even though India is a land of many races with a mix of people and a great diversity in racial ethnicity, India is the only place in the world where people have always lived in harmony despite their differences. The people of India do not take any distinction into consideration and are known to treat each other (even strangers) as brothers and sisters (or family).


The vast culture of India differs from region to region. The Indian culture came into evolution ever since human existence. The present day Indian culture represents its long history and richness. The Indian culture is known for its values and hospitality. Culture is very important to Indian people who make them an integral part of their daily life by depicting it not only in aura but also in festivals, temples, cuisine, dresses, literature, music, dance, forts and more. For generations the typical Indian household consists of the traditional joint family where parents, grandparents, children, uncle and aunts lived together. Despite westernization taking a blend in with the youngsters of the country, traditional attires and way of life is still preferred making it a unique destination for travel. Festivals, marriages and temples are some places where one can recapture the magic of the Indian heritage.

The food

Many people believe that Indian cuisine is just spicy, hot food. But that is not true. The Indian cuisine is as diversified as the country is. There are all types of western and other Asiatic foods found in many places of the country. Nothing beats the bliss of sitting down for a traditional Indian Thali. The varied landscapes of India proves to have a gamut of choices when it comes to food making a food tour around the country one of the most memorable vacation. The local street food which must be taken from specified shops have a distinctive taste in them that cannot be beaten by any hotel. The flavors of the food tastes like magic tingling every bud of taste in your body. India is one among the countries that prefer health with taste. The must-try foods in India include Chaat, Onam Sadhya, Idlys, Thali, Indian sweets, seafood from the coastal regions, temple Prasad, Himalayan cuisine and many much more.

The holiest river in the world

The Ganga, the holiest river in all the worlds, rises from the Himalayas and drains into the Bay of Bengal. Millions of lives depend upon the Ganga. According to legend Ganga descended from the heavens and flows from the mattered locks of Lord Shiva. This is the only river in Hindu mythology that flows through all the three worlds (the heavens, Earth and netherworld). The Gangotri glacier is one of the main tributaries of the Ganga River and the town Gangotri is a popular pilgrimage to Hindus. The river flows through the states of Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. It nourishes the agricultural economy of these states. The Ganges in Varanasi is the holiest place for Hindus as in the legends, this is where Lord Shiva released Ganga from his knots. Every year thousands of devotees flock to this place to take a dip in the river water as it is believed that immersing yourself in the river washes away all sins.

Varanasi also offers exciting boat rides in the Ganga which gives an opportunity for sighting the endangered freshwater Dolphins. The river Ganga is seen in her most beautiful self during the wee hours of dusk at the setting sun illuminates the water like a thousand suns immersed in it.

Religion and spirituality

Indian religion is the way of life for many Indians who base their lifestyle on their religion. A majority of Indians are Hindus and the nation consists of a major population of Christians and Muslims. India is the birth place for Buddhism and Jainism. The Dalai Lama who travels around the world spreading peace and happiness is an ardent Buddhist follower. Belief in a supreme god prevails in all the religions and reincarnation is a common belief just like Karma. All the followers of various religious sects have one common thing, celebration. Festivals are a common happening in India and take place throughout the year. Diwali is the biggest holiday time of all is celebrated by people coming together and lighting lamps in their houses and sharing love to each other. In most of the temples, people are known to offer animal sacrifices, money, jewels or in some cases people give up their hair instead. Spiritualism in India is preferred by most Indians than other pursuits in life. The distinctive greatness of the country can be traced back to its spirituality which is a part of the everyday life of the people making India a unique destination to visit.

The history and architecture

The might of the Indian architecture and history are as old as the existence of civilization. The land where ancient civilization thrived, India is a product of a long and rich historical background. The history of the land began with the Aryan invasion and the Indus valley civilization. Then came the rise of Buddhism during the reign of Ashoka followed by the Islamic rule and the British invasion. The beautiful history and architecture of the land can be reveled in the ancient temples that still stand as a testimony to the great past. The Brihadeshwara temple, Kailashnath temple, the ruins of Hampi, Konark Sun temple, the various number of cave temples and monuments are a standing ovation to the majestic history of the country. The various number of forts and palaces speak of the architectural wonder of the ancient rulers and their efficiency. A number of forts are situated amidst dense forests and make a picture perfect location for photography and history buffs.

Indian hospitality

India is a unique country where the people have made an entirely different world of their own. Hospitality is one of the most defining characteristics of every Indian culture. The people in the country regard their guests as Gods and take great measures in attending to their guests. In India, even a stranger whom you interact in the streets is likely to invite you to their home for a meal. A guest is treated with extreme hospitality. Despite evolving over centuries, hospitality is one characteristics that has always stayed with the Indians. Indian women are the backbone of the traditional hospitality. Even though being a mother and a respected wife in a family, they take extreme attention in taking proper care for their guests. Hospitality in India, despite not mandatory, is a priority.

Best places you can’t experience anywhere else in the world

India is a spectacular country with numerous wonders that can’t be experienced elsewhere in the world. There are amazing places in the country which desperately call out to tourists. The Indus valley civilization which is one of the ancient civilizations in the world is found partly in India and Pakistan. The largest city of the civilization, the city of Rakhigarhi is situated in Haryana and is every archaeologists haven. The Sundarbans forest in West Bengal is a fascinating place for every nature lover. The magnificent castle of Chiktan is seen as if taken right out of a fairy tale story and perched on top of a mountain. The Jaisalmer fort in Rajasthan is a majestic structure that depicts the unique Indian architectural wonder. The mountains of the Western Ghats is a scenic beauty to behold which cannot be felt anywhere else. India houses the largest river island in the world, Majuli, which is home to numerous wildlife. Uttarakhand is home to the valley of flowers which has a mystifying beauty about it that allures all eyes to it. The grandest monument in the world, the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra is known to turn all heads in its direction.

Historic myth

With centuries of civilization, Indian history is not fully proven in records. Some myths are known to become entangled with history over time. Since the Indian culture has a tradition of storytelling which have intertwined history in them, the actual facts have been modified over time. The much famous story of Emperor Jahangir’s love for a slave girl Anarkali overshadowed the real story of Jahangir-Noorjahan’s love story. The two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are still debated if they were just stories by grandmas or real historical happening. The exact date of the Vedas and Upanishads are still unknown and are based on assumptions of linguists. In its backdrop mythology hides the truth meant for historical records.

Astrology and yoga

When it comes to astrology, the Indian astrology is different from that of western and Chinese. The major reason why people go for astrology is due to its ability to forecast the future (in most cases). Indian astrology is usually studied based on the birth stars of an individual. It usually predicts the auspicious days, time and events in a given time. Every Indian astrologer worthy of name is liable to forecast the future with accuracy. Naadi astrology is a form of astrology which was written by the sage Agathiyar on palm leaves and passed down to generations. This type of astrology is famous at the Vaitheeswaran Temple. Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India millennials ago. It is the art of disciplining the body, mind and soul and making each of these live in harmony. By daily practice, nothing can give as much benefits as yoga. The compiler of Yogic practice was Patanjali Maharashi who lived in the 2nd century. His final resting place can be visited in the city of Thirupatur in Tamil Nadu. Yoga is known to improve body metabolism and reduce toxins from the body. Over time yoga will build confidence and tenacity in the body and empowers the mind.

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