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Ladakh is a favorite tourist destination for many tourists who visit India owing to its spectacular beauty of mountain sand the adventure it gives. As a tourist destination, Leh and Ladakh are a location that is on every traveler’s wish list. Out of the many enchanting places Ladakh has, the one that has been mystifying people for years is the mysterious magnetic hill.

Magnetic Hill

The Magnetic Hill is situated in the Leh –Srinagar highway and you can see a road leading uphill. As you turn off your car engines, you can feel the movement of the car upwards at about 20 kilometers an hour. It is believed that the magnetic pull in this hill is so strong that it can pull cars uphill and planes usually avert their route on this direction, lest they get pulled downwards.

Rural folklore goes that there once was a pathway which led straight to heaven and only the worthy were pulled automatically up. Some people waived it off as just a mere story. But if you are at the correct location which is marked by BRO, you can feel your vehicle slowly move despite being loaded with luggage. Scientific reasons state that the hill contains a strong magnetic field which pulls vehicles uphill and shifts the air crafts to a higher altitude. In actuality, the force doesn’t pull you upwards which feels like it does, but instead, you will be going further down the hill. This is because of an optical illusion phenomenon.

Apart from the illusion of the magnetic hill, the barren hills around the region are worth spending an hour or two during your travel. Owing to their serene location, these hills make for an amazing photography location. Since it is located on the highway, there are not many people visiting this region. As you stand near the road sign that indicates the Magnetic Hill, you will just stop and stare at the beauty of the mountain that looks like it emerged from a picture postcard. With the cloud shivering above and casting their shadows on the brownish grey colored hill, you will realize that no other place can fill your eyes like this.

Many theories both scientific and superstitious revolve around the hill, but it is hard to say which one is the truth. Take a trip across the beautiful Ladakh to witness this phenomenon and experience one of nature’s bizarre happening.

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