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Madurai, one of my favourite personal haunts when I crave for some delicious Tamil Nadu food. It is one of those destinations, or perhaps I would say “THE DESTINATION” to relish the real flavor of Tamil Nadu. It is popular for its Idly-Sambhar, Kari-Dosha and my favourite Jigarthanda. Jigarthanda is a refreshing drink which the Madurites cannot live without and when I am in Madurai the same thing goes with me. I won’t leave Madurai without at least 3 or 4 cups of this chilled, sugary yet nutritious drink. The most annoying feeling is that while I am writing this, I am not at Madurai.


Some believe that the Mughals introduced it to the people of Madurai, and some claim it was the Pandyas who gifted the recipe. Jigarthanda is a toothsome medley of flavours. The recipe includes milk, almond pisin, Nannari syrup, sugar and of course ice cream. Unlike the ice creams we are used to, the ice cream used while preparing Jigarthanda is exclusively made for it. You will find a whole lot of Jigarthanda shops in Madurai, as everyone relies on a chilled glass of fresh made Jigarthanda whenever and wherever one feels an energy drop.


Jigarthanda is sold in 3 sizes, one is mini, then the large and it comes as Jigarthanda Cone as well. Pick any one which you prefer and I am sure you would ask for more. You just can’t get enough of it when you start drinking.So, do not risk missing out a chance to savour this nummy and yummy drink, whenever you happen to visit the ever awake city of Madurai.

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