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Travel has become so easy and fun in this era of highly advanced technology. Gadgets and mobile applications are the best companions of avid travellers. There are a whole lot of applications which may prove handy at various situations while you travel. Though there are many, I am penning down some of the most used apps by travellers around the world.


Here are some of my picks-


1. Google Maps


Who doesn’t use Google Maps these days? This app comes in-built in all android phones. Apple users may download it as well. Unlike traditional travellers, you would never have to seek directions from strangers. All you need to do is type the location and click “Get directions” in Google Maps, and there you go. The other great feature is live traffic conditions. It shows where you would encounter heavy traffic and also guides you with a shortcut to your destination. You can also get suggestions on good restaurant, near-by fuel bunks, shopping malls and sightseeing places based on your location. Google Maps is the number 1 in my list of travel applications.


2. Instagram


I feel no need to introduce to you the Instagram App. Every traveller loves to share their travel experiences with their loved ones through pictures and videos. Instagram is the most trending social media these days for the same. With super fun editing tools you can upload stunning images and your travel videos for your friends and family to see. You can use it in both Android and IOS platforms.


3. Accuweather


Accuweather is used by more than a billion people worldwide for weather forecast. It gives intricate details on the weather conditions every minute. With Accuweather in your smartphone, you can easily plan your outing. It is not a free app, however I pick Accuweather for the most accurate predictions. If you are looking for a free app, I would recommend Yahoo Weather or the Google Weather app both of which come free of charge.


4. Trip Advisor


Perhaps the most popular travel app in the world. I doubt there is any traveler who has never heard of Trip Advisor. The one to go for all travel related content. Let it be destination research, hotel reviews, activities, tour operator reviews Trip Advisor. One can even compare hotel tariffs and book their choice of accommodation on the move. More than a billion travellers logging in to Trip Advisor every now and then, it is your perfect one touch option for all travel related queries you have.


5. Flight aware flight tracker


Another useful app for tracking your flights. It enables you to track real time flight location anywhere in the world. Download it on your Android or IOS powered phones and take advantage of this well structured application.


There are numerous other travel-friendly applications you might have come across.


Do share with us and comment below. We will definitely add it to our post!

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