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Let’s dive in right away without further delay. So, here are your 10 beautiful ways to stay happy and healthy all the time.

#1 Review Your Day an Hour Before Bed

Guy taking notes

Why an hour before bed? As you’re approaching bedtime you should start to feel peaceful and blissful about your day. There shouldn’t be any turmoil. So, sit down and write about your day. What you felt and how you made others feel? List out the positives and refine it down to the one beautiful thought, action, or realization that happened on that day. You’ll start to feel light.

#2 Auto Write 10-15 Mins Before Sleep

The power of writing what comes to the mind.

What’s the power of Auto Writing? It is like dusting off your mind without putting too much emphasis on doing it the perfect way. You’ll feel a healing sensation when you write what comes to your mind. Don’t think about writing negative or unwanted thoughts. It is just a thought. You can keep it or throw it based on its outcome. If it serves value, respect, happiness, joy, and stay on the positive side of life, start visualizing it if not turn the page and write a new thought. This time make sure you’re away from technology. A pen or pencil, a pad, and paper would do!

#3 Walk Observing People Without Being Judgmental

Tommy Shelby Walk

What has got to do with health?. Why should I observe random strangers? Is it not creepy? Well, yes if you do it in a creepy way. The thing is to make natural eye contact and walk past everyone and everything. Shop owners, buildings, vehicles, trees, pets, and kids. Notice colours, sounds, and smell on your way. When you regularly do this practice, your mindfulness will improve in no time. You are interestingly activating your sensory organs in a mysterious way. Our bodies just love that detective way of perceiving things. You’ll just remain a witness without getting judgmental. 

#4 Sit in Silence and Do Nothing

The Power of Silence

At least for half an hour in a day, just do nothing. You know what? It is the most difficult thing to do. In today’s world, we’re constantly surrounded by electronic sounds, voices all over our head, and non-rhythmic noises. It is harmful as it causes burnout and frequent headaches if we’re following this pattern. So, what do we do? We just sit and do nothing. Now, monstrous thoughts and veiled emotions will start to trigger fearful thoughts, either about you, life, death, or someone you love or hate. Now, out of doubts, fear, or insecurities, don’t pick the mobile or smoke a cigar just because you think you belong to Small Heath. You’re not a Peaky Blinder. Allow emotions and thoughts to flow until they flow like a river. Now, the possibility of getting into stillness is high. Again! Your energies will be channelized to work in a certain way. In a beautiful way.

#5 Have a Beautiful Morning Routine

The Power of a Beautiful Morning Routine

But keep it as minimal as possible. So that you don’t lose your superpower – The Miracle: Morning Routine. It can be as simple as getting out of bed and walking outside your home to catch the sunrise from a scenic location to praying to god sitting in your bed. Plan an hour of morning routine to stay productive for the rest of the day. Remember! Productivity is different from being busy. When you’re productive, you are happy, focused, and just know what you’re doing and why you’re doing a certain thing in a certain way. You’re fully on and on throughout the day. Busy is not life. Being mindful and prioritizing without regrets is!

#6 Eat Consciously

Eat less and consciously

It means to chew the food as much as possible and take it chunk by chunk enjoying its aroma, taste, and flavour. Use your teeth generously and give less work to your stomach. Stop gobbling food as it can cause gastric problems, indigestion issues, and ulcer too. We don’t have to name diseases in different ways when we start treating our body like a temple. Leave enough meal gaps unless you’re on a calories deficit or calorie surplus for sports like weightlifting, bodybuilding, or powerlifting. Don’t continuously sip water, drink only when you feel thirsty and don’t go by metrics, reports, and a general opinion. Just listen to your body and make sure to improve its health through better routines, food habits, and lifestyle. 

#7 Put Efforts in Making Someone Laugh

Can making someone laugh make us happy?

The whole idea behind this is to spread a positive and happy vibe. People come across various difficult situations in life and so they often forget a beautiful thing called laughing. Become a healer by making people laugh hard but don’t become a Joker. To make people laugh, a healthy and wise mind is needed. Some genes have it while more often it is not the genes but beautiful thoughts about making a world a better place. Those who want to spread happy waves across the planet will always keep humour as their arsenal. Good humour is inoffensive, motivating, and intelligent too. Wherever you go, try making people laugh. Even the most serious ones. A few people make others laugh with ease and it is a gift, indeed.

#8 Focus on the Joyful Things

How to focus on the joyful things in life?

Being joyful means practising joyful things and eliminating things from our life that are miserable. Never sacrifice a bigger joy for a few moments of fake bliss that is purely physical. Preserve your energy and never consume anything that ain’t helping you keep on track. We have no time for nonsense theories and irrelevant content. Make efforts to fulfil your wishlist with happy and healthy things. For example, your to-do list can be like – Learn an item of DIY furniture from YouTube, taking your pet for a walk, planning for a gorgeous date, eating your favorite meal in a different city, preparing for a beach vacation by sculpting your body, and watching a movie together with your loved one. At the end of the day, we do all the tedious and boring work, not for the sake of working. Like the industrial revolution. But for becoming a happier soul, thereby carving a positive path for all others in creating a peaceful world.

#9 Pray and Play Daily. Any God. Any Game.

Should we pray daily or should we play daily?

Praying is often misunderstood and a religious shade is always painted upon it. No matter whoever tries to bring this point, people often will misunderstand that person and think they are spreading their religious views. Praying is a self-cleansing work, a soul cleaning work. No matter how big we are, we’re always under the control of nature and its happenings. Praying helps in strengthening our mind, body, and soul. It will eventually create a peaceful sense within us, preparing us for all hardships and happiness. Likewise, playing any particular sport will build character. When our fitness levels improve, our concern for health diminishes. The choice is all yours as we have plenty of gods and godly things like trees, mountains, soil, and countless games like football, badminton, tennis, cricket, and athletics in the world. Pick one and start heaping benefits.

#10 Sweat is Fat Crying and Health smiling.

What's the use of working out? Is sweating good for the body?

As the above heading says, working out is so good for the body as it eliminates stress and keeps the stress hormone cortisol under control. The release of oxytocin, dopamine, and other heart-healthy, muscle health, and nerve healthy chemicals are natural during a great workout session. Plan milestone and reach it, that’s how you grow physically fit. Try to walk at least 8k steps in a day and distribute it throughout the day, don’t lie down during the day, take only naps that last less than 25 minutes post-lunch, involve in activities like gardening and connect with nature walking barefoot, try HIIT training, practice Tabata, do resistance training, repair your household yourself as much as possible. Be a doer, not just a procrastinator. Doing is happiness.

Hope, you loved this write-up It was mostly straight out of the writer’s heart and most of the recommendations are tested and have given results. During this lockdown and pandemic before all the international borders are open, let we sculpt our body and mind in a beautiful way with the things we have got. When travel becomes as normal as before, more beautiful souls with healthy bodies and clear minds will create a revolutionary change in the world of travel. Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay safe till then!

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