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Looking for somewhere new to travel? Are you bored following the usual herd of travelers and wish to go for something fresh and exciting? I have got just the spot you are looking for, Valparai. A serene hill station situated at the North West part of the Tamil Nadu state, Valparai is rightly named as the 7th heaven by those lucky travelers who made it to this blessed piece of land. I am one among those who enjoyed firsthand the sublime beauty of nature at this part of the globe. Unlike the usual South Indian hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Munnar, this stretch of the mighty Western Ghats is not much known to most of the travelers and hence this gorgeous hill station is untouched by 90% of the travel population.


This place is highly recommended for those who want to take some time off from their routine tiring life and enjoy some quality time at their own pace. Switch off your mobile phones and free yourself from the hurly-burly routine. Sit back and tune in to the melody of nature.
Though there aren’t many specific sightseeing places to mention in Valparai, the whole chain of hills is a treat to every human eye. The road way to Valparai itself is thrilling and a great drive. Various wild animals cross the road while you make your way through 27 hairpin bends to reach the top. There are for sure a whole lot of sweet spots which invoke a sense of peace and chillness in every traveler. Stop by and take a minute to enjoy every pleasing sights you find while touring Valparai.


Below I suggest few sightseeing places that I have visited myself and recommend you the same if you plan to head out to Valparai anytime-
1. Nallamudi Pooncholai-


Probably the hotspot at Valparai, 12 kms from the town, the Nallamudi Pooncholai provides a great view of the Western Ghats. There are tribals who live among wild animals in the thick jungle surrounding Nallamudi Pooncholai. A short trek of 500 meters showcase an aesthetically pleasing view of the lush green mountains of the Western Ghats and in between stands the Anamudi Peak, the highest in South India. The bad news is, this view point is closed most of the time as herd of wild elephants cross this area frequentlyand is hence guarded by Tamil Nadu Government forest guards.
2. Karumalai Balaji Temple-
15 kms from Valparai town [towards Pollachi road] is the Karumalai Balaji Temple. From the parking a 500 m trek along the tea plantations leads you to the temple. The temple is 35 years old and is dedicated to Lord Balaji [An incarnation of Lord Vishnu]. Cameras are to be strictly avoided in the temple premises. The location of the temple is beautiful, surrounded by lush green mountains.


3. Monkey falls


Near to Aazhiyar dam, and 35 kms downhill to Valparai on the Pollachi- Valparai road is this small-yet shimmering waterfalls named the Monkey Falls. It is best enjoyed after June- July rainfall when the water level rises.

Entry fee: INR 30/ head


4. Nirar Dam


Niram dam is situated at a distance of 12 kms from Valparai town. Access to upper Nirar dam is restrictedand therefore only lower Nirar dam is allowed for visitors. The surroundings of the dam is thick jungle. You would come across dotted Deers few times on the way, though the road leading to the Nirar dam is not in a good condition. Entrance fee is applicable.

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