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Dropped down from above as silver dots, rain indicates the sheer love of heaven. And the Monsoon season exposes you to some of the most visually pleasing sights of Mother Nature. India is an incredible destination with unparallel beauty where you can tour too, regardless of the season. But a trip to India during the monsoons will be the most exhilarating one you would have ever experienced in your lifetime. Nature is seen at its best, as the land carpets in lovely shades of green, waterfalls are in full glory, lakes and rivers gushing in joy, and the mountains and valleys bright and breezy with the arrival of the much-awaited monsoon.


Let’s see the Top 7 Destinations to explore during Monsoon:


1) Munnar – Get Cosy in a Tea Plantation Cottage.


Nothing can soothe the soul than a romantic walk along the luscious green tea plantations at the heavenly paradise on the earth, Munnar. The endless mist-clad blue hills in the backdrop, breathtaking waterfalls in full swing and the lush greenery all around make Munnar a fabulously photogenic corner of the South Indian state, Kerala. Get Cosy in a Tea Plantation Cottage and enjoy the heavenly downpour while you sip a hot cup of tea made with fresh tea leaves of Munnar.


2) Cherrapunjee – Enjoy the rains in the wettest place of the earth.


In the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya is the second rainiest place on Earth, Cherrapunjee, known for its abundant natural beauty. You got to be there to feel the special thrill of enjoying the rains in the wettest place of the Earth. Rain lovers, this is definitely your place.


3) Valley of Flowers National Park in North Chamoli, Uttarakhand. – Be Mesmerized by a Million Blooms.


The most picturesque place on the planet Earth, the Valley of Flowers – a fabulous National Park in North Chamoli, Uttarakhand is a peerless piece of spectacle. A million blooms that embellish the meadows of the Valley of Flowers National Park with the monsoon falls is sure to mesmerize you to the core. This beautiful tourist hotspot is a trekker’s delight as well.


4) Kodaikanal – Go for a long drive in the fog-covered roads.


Kodaikanal – the so-called “Princess of Hill Station”, provides a refreshing monsoon getaway in South India. A long-drive in the fog-covered roads of Kodaikanal that creates a romantic aura and cool ambience as it showers rain, fills you with overwhelming happiness of excitement.


5) Wayanad – Trek the dense forest in the pouring rain.


Wayanad is yet another nature’s magical drop in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Known for its superabundant flora and fauna, Wayanad is an awesome place to hang out with nature as well as to get drenched in the spirit of adventure, especially during monsoon. Trek the dense forest of Wayanad in the pouring rain to have the experience of a lifetime, exploring nature.


6) Coorg – Enjoy fresh hot coffee in a local homestay.


Coorg- a perfect backdrop for a monsoon vacay. Enjoy fresh hot coffee in a local homestay and relish the charm of this enchanting hill station of Karnataka. Picturesque sceneries, stunning milky white waterfalls, and the green velvety tea plantations fill your eyes with the colour of nature.


7) Lonavala – Soak up the green vistas & towering waterfalls.


Lonavala – a magical setting nestled in the laps of the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges of Western Ghats, is so beautiful that words fall short to describe its gorgeousness. An alluring getaway near Mumbai, Lonavala is at its spellbinding best, displaying green vistas and towering waterfalls with the seasonal rainfall, making it the perfect place to be at during the monsoon.


Make a trip to India during this monsoon and discover the exquisite scenic charm of India drenched in monsoon showers. Choose from our pick of Top 7 destinations for a fabulous monsoon vacation in India.


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