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This is Majuli, the largest river island in the whole World. There are numerous hidden gems in India which is still not spotted in the Tourist radar. The Majuli Island is one such unexplored paradise that you must include in your next Indian holiday. Set amidst the gorgeous Brahmaputra River in North East India, Majuli in Assam is the first Island district in India. Its beauty is even compared to the great backwaters of Alleppey down to the South of India.


Spread over an area of 450 Sq. Kms the Majuli Island could be the next hotspot in India. Still unknown to many, it is slowly rising to fame among the travel community. However, recent surveys predict the Majuli Island would cease to exist within the next 20 years as the water levels increase. So, make your way to Majuli and experience its unparalleled natural beauty before it vanishes from the face of Planet Earth.


What to enjoy here? How? Well! Let me give you few tips to get you through-


Majuli Island

A country boat


  1. Hop onto a Country Boat

The best way to explore the Majuli Island is for sure a Country boat. Hop onto a country boat and float through its shimmering waterways. The lush green paddy fields, smiling locals and the dense forests are some of the ecstatic sights you would come across. Try your hands on the paddle and experience being a local here yourself. Pure entertainment is guaranteed!


Majuli Island

Some lip smacking Majuli dishes


  1. The Majuli food? Oh! it’s super yummy! Must try

Now, this is for the foodies. Majuli cuisine is something you would get to taste nowhere else on the planet. It is just out of the World. Their Pomnan Fish and the Porag Aapin is a perfect combo for a delicious meal. Both rice and fish are baked in a Banana leaf. Sounds interesting right? And what if I say, some beer along with it? Yes! Rice beer in Majuli is something you must try.


Majuli Island

A village scene at Majuli


  1. Park your car and try a village walk

The serene villages in Majuli lie so close to nature that one could easily connect with their inner self and recharge their natural batteries here. A stroll through these villages is much recommended as we as travellers know certain places are best enjoyed on foot. The first thing you notice here is most of the houses are built with raised platforms. Well! That is clear Majuli is an Island and at times the water levels rise. The best thing to do here is to make new friends here at this part of the World.  People here are so loving and welcoming that you would love spending time with them. Share your travel experiences, learn their culture, their cuisines, or probably try getting dressed up and be one of them for a while. There is n number of exciting and engaging things to do at Majuli.


Majuli Island

Dakhinpat Satra


  1. Visit the Satras in Majuli

Historical records state Majuli Island was the cultural capital of the people in Assam. Sri Sankardeva, a 16th-century reformer preached Vaishnavism and established 22 Vaisnavite monasteries called Satra on the Majuli Island. Thus Majuli became one of the most famous centres of Vaishnavism. When you happen to be at Majuli, do make sure to visit a few of these Satras. Kamalabari, Dakhinpat, Tengapania and Auniati are some of the prominent names among them.


Majuli Island

Molai Forest


  1. Into the wild at Molai Forest

What started as a source of shade at the Majuli Island is now a dense forest with numerous species of flora and fauna calling it their home. The forest is named after Jadav Molai, the so-called “Forest man of India” who is behind this largest man-made forest in India. Nature is at her pristine best here at Molai. A forest trek through the Molai Forest is best recommended to explore its dense woods. It is guaranteed you would feel like you are in a different planet altogether.


Now that’s it from us this time.

Add Majuli Island in Assam to your bucket list and I am sure you will never regret.

Majuli is more like a heaven for travellers.

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Do share with us your experiences and pictures of your Majuli tour if you ever happened to visit this heavenly piece of land.

Happy Travelling 🙂

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