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If you are very specific about getting a unique blend of spectacular and unforgettable experiences, then Goa is the ideal choice. The first Portugal colony in India, Goa is one of the most frequented by the Global travelers who are desirous of getting an experience for life time.

Undoubtedly, Goa is the travelers’ paradise in the Western Coastal line of India. It is indeed hard to know where to commence your actual touring across Goa as the beautiful small state has everything to be included in your list of things to be enjoyed and experienced. From quiet family vacation to adventure fueled retreats, Goa has everything to suit your tastes, demands and budgets.

Goa is acclaimed to be India’s most loved resort destination entertaining its visitors with a long golden beachline, delicious cuisines and the rich heritage and remnants of Portugal. The unprecedented and exciting twist on the cultural aspects of India prevailing throughout this smallest state is the highlighted significance which can never be found in any part of the country.

Over TWO million tourists visit to enjoy the beauty of Goa which was once the major spice trade network for more than FIVE centuries and got renowned by the influx of the tourism which has drastically increased in the recent FIVE decades making the state one of the richest in the country.

Why most of the travelers prefer Goa as a Tourist Destination? The answer is very simple that the captivating blend of the Portuguese heritage and international hippie culture, have a strong impact on the ancient Indian system of life, which frustrates, amazes, fascinates and even endears the visitors, kindling their interest to explore further to know more about the roots of this transformation.

Calangute Beach, which is popularly known as the Queen of Beaches is in the Northern part of Goa. The beach is swamped with domestic and international tourists and you have a plenty of choices for eateries, shacks and shopping outlets. You can also opt for the plethora of water sporting activities.

As Goa was the prime settlement of Portuguese for very long time, the architecturally wonderful churches still retain the flavor across centuries. Out of all the churches in Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus is an excellent architectural marvel. The wonderfully crafted interiors along with the ethnic beauty and religious significance of this Basilica has been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Are you a photo enthusiast? Then you must visit Chapora fort standing as a guard at the edge of the Chapora river. Though ruined, Chapora delights you with its ethnic beauty and from the top of the fort you can enjoy the sensational views of the Chapora river.

The Portuguese fort built in the 17th century against the invasions of Dutch and Marathas is a fascinating location taking you down in the history. The lighthouse and the vaulted cistern are the highlights of this fort which amazes its visitors with its size and unspoiled stability.

If you prefer traveling by the Konkan railways which is the most scenic rail line in India, you can enjoy the nature’s glory when you cross the Dudhsagar falls. The water falling down from such a height is an amazing scene, keep your cameras ready to capture the furious moments of nature, as the train will be little faster while crossing the region.

Goa offers lot of promising places for religious travel as well. Besides the beautifully constructed churches, there are ornately designed mosques and traditionally built magnificent temples which make Goa a preferred destination for tourists from all genres. Out of all, the Mangesh temple which was built some 450 years ago still retains its glory as a spiritual center for divine intervention. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mangesh temple has few highlighted features like the seven storied lamp tower, magnificent bull inside the temple and the temple tank. This temple is said to be the largest and oldest one in Goa.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Naval Aviation Museum, the handful of beaches across all parts of Goa, tranquil coastal lines, most gorgeous parties, shops run by hippies are the other popular attractions of Goa. Food is not at all a constraint in Goa, but little costlier throughout the state. The traditional Goan food embraced with the Portugal recipes are the most delicious of all. Hotels of all categories and shacks are the options for accommodation.

Festivals or carnivals in Goa are yet another fantabulous features to rejoice and rejuvenate. Though Goa has a strong inclination towards the Portugal culture, there are lot of religious festivals celebrated in Hinduism and Islam. Besides these religious festivals, Goa is most popular among the global travelers for the carnivals. The music and the fun reach the extreme during the celebration of these carnivals dissolving the barriers of culture and religions. The Goa Carnival has its own significance and it is celebrated to mark the beginning of the Lent Days in February. Though the Goa carnival has a strong religious background, it is the most surprising festival attracting thousands of tourists arriving at Goa to mingle with the fun and happiness.

Plan a tour to this bite-sized state which has something to offer for every traveler.

Indian Panorama will help you to plan your Customized holiday Trip to Goa!

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