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A land where time stood still to the whims of man, a land filled with heritage and diverse cultures, India is a place which you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The exotic beaches, the marvelous temples, the Great deserts and the pristine forests added with the beauty of the magnificent mountains make India an extraordinary escape into a vacation of bliss.

When traveling to India for the first time,you can’t just show up thinking everything will go smooth. If you plan your Indian vacation beforehand, you can enjoy all the beauty and wonders of the country without any hassle. With a bit of information you would be ready to travel to the most exotic destination on Earth.

Is India safe place to travel?

With a number of rumors running about howsafe India is, it is not all true. Over the years the country has established avery safe protocol for tourists and has seen a hike in female travelers traveling alone. About 6.3 million visitors come to India every year and have gone back with a never before experienced sense of relaxation and enjoyment.Besides many travelers have agreed that India is a lot more safe than most countries. The tourism industry in the country is booming and safety has become a major factor for many tour operators. All apart, once you are in India you would feel nothing but the magic in the air giving you a wonderful experience.

Is the water safe to drink and the food safe to eat?

Being a country with diverse culture, India Is a treasure trove for a foodie. With the ample of lip-smacking food to eat and restaurants in every nook and corner, food in India goes without saying that it is the ultimate destination for a food lover. The streets of India are filled with the aroma of spices full flavors, the roasting of assorted nuts of all kinds on a lavish amount of ghee or the smell of spicy treats brewing from the road side vendors. India is home to the world’s second-most sweetest water, the Siruvani, it is a country to relish and enjoy in. The waters are perfectly safe to drink in but you have to avoid tap water as it is unfit for consumption. You Can go for the bottled waters and the RO treated waters which are clean and fit for drinking. As for the food, the restaurants in the country are good fordining but when it comes to street food you will have to look at the surrounding and analyze if you would want to go for it. But do not be afraid of street food in India as it is one of the best tasting food you can ever have and they are the real traditional food of the country.

What/how should I pack when travelling to India?

India is usually hot and you need to beprepared to meet the heat to enjoy your vacation. As you zip up your bag, youshould remember to put in a lot of comfy clothes especially cotton ones. Do notforget to pack a hat, sunglasses and loads of sunblock. But not all of India ishot, just like its people even its places are diverse. On one hand you mightexperience intense heat while on the other hand, you would get chilly when inmountains or hill stations. So it is necessary to make travel plans before handand take the proper amendments.

How should I dress when visiting religious sites (i.e. temples)?

Different places in India have different dress codes. If you’re visiting a temple a loose dress or the traditional Indian Salwar kameez can be worn. For men a T-shirt or shirt with long pants are perfect and found to be respectful. In most temples in South India, men are supposed to go topless as a sign of respect. Women visiting temples are more than welcome to wear sarees, the traditional Indian costume. If you are visiting a gurdwara, Dargah or a mosque you should make sure to cover your heads. The safest attire would be to wear a salwar kameez for women and a full pant with shirt for men.

What languages are spoken in India? Is English commonly used?

The official language of India is Hindustani. Yet a larger portion of the population speak fluent English. India is now the second largest country in the world to become an English speaking country which is expected to quadruple in the coming years. You will not have to worry about language as even a vendor on the streets is fit to give to directions to your destination in proper English.

What is the currency of India? Can I pay for things in my own currency?

Indians use the Rupee as their currency.You need to have the local currency when traveling in India. It is alsoadvisable for you to have some dollars in handy. Almost every airport in thecountry has a currency exchange counters but it is more simple if you just getto the ATM vestibule and withdraw some money.

What are the common foods in India?

Being one of the world’s largest countries, India has a vast geography and food is based upon the region. Food varies from state to state that as you travel across the country, you will have to look for different type of cuisine to indulge in every day. Some variety of food you can relish in India includes Chicken Tikka, the Malabar Parotta with Beef stew, Gol Gappa, Makki Ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag, Kichidi, Jalebi, Dal and Roti, Kebab, Idly, Dosa, Vada and Chole Bhature. These are some common foods you can find anywhere in the country with their authenticity intact.


You might be wondering if you’d like to take it alone or with your group. To have some of that frivolous company or to not have? It’s quite a decision to make. But India is a land that goes well with both. You can arrive here with your group and visit places like Goa, Shimla, Manali, Gokarna and other such places. Even if you are traveling alone, rest assured, the land of India is a haven for solo travelers. You get to choose your own places to visit, stick to your own schedule and eat in a café or restaurant you prefer. With a group or alone, India has the best of both.


With a million people travelling every year in India, people from all over the world have embraced its culture and heritage for years. If you tell your friends and family that you are travelling to India, you are sure to get a lot of tips in how to avoid getting sick. Of course, eating in India is a bit taxing on few travelers but it is not all bad once you take the necessary precautions. Firstly, you are new to the land and the cuisine is entirely a foreign one to your digestive tract, so it is necessary to eat less when you try it for the first time. Also most importantly you need to keep your hand sanitized always and strictly avoid drinking from tap water. Eat only at restaurants that are popular with the locals and always while shopping outside get only packaged food. If you have a sensitive stomach ward away from the street food. As you go to sleep at night, it is necessary to use a mosquito repellent so as to avoid the insect borne diseases. If you prefer to sunbath in the beaches make sure you have your sunblock so that you wouldn’t get any sunburn. While all this India is a great place to travel around and all you’ve to do is take care of yourself.


A vast and beautiful country, India has many cities, towns and a humongous number of villages. Travel in India is quite challenging owing to the topography. The roads are all well connected and even the remote of villages have good roads and transport. The country has a number of overseas airport and domestic airports which makes your travel easier. India is the 4th in the world in countries of largest railway network. Hence, traveling by train is a beautiful and eventful journey. Traveling in India is not a difficult task, it’s as easy as pie.


A lot many tourists are traveling all over India for a holiday, pilgrim, medical or business purposes. A vast number of guesthouses, hotels and resorts cater to the needs of thee tourists. Accommodation in India, prove to be a good value for money, like many other things. In major cities and holiday landmarks a number of luxury resorts are available. There is a huge range of hotels that range from budget to luxury accommodation and offer their services to the different needs of people.

What to see first

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan
  • Goa
  • Hampi
  • Pondicherry

As you travel around India, you can start with the Gateway of India, the city of Mumbai. After a roundabout in Mumbai you can get to the capital city of the country, New Delhi and visit the many wonders of the nation’s capital. Rajasthan, the Land of Kings, is a must visit when you are in India. The colorful heritage and culture of the land is a bliss for the traveler’s soul. Next you can take a trip to the city of beaches, Goa. The ruins of Hampi offer a wonderland where time stands still. A visit to the French colony of Pondicherry will give you further insight into the diversity of India.

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