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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Munnar? Hills of course, then? Perhaps honeymoon? Rite, for sure. Then? Adventure? No? Well! Munnar has emerged as a first choice for the adventure travellers who visit Kerala. The spectacular hills, sprawling tea plantations and the shimmering waterfalls, all of it provides a perfect setting to satisfy the adrenaline craving adventurists all across the globe. The sky-high mountains of Munnar offers some of the best trekking trails in India. Cycling, off-road Jeep Safari, paragliding, Ziplines, rock climbing and what not?

Here are our picks for the best things to do in Munnar which could excite the adventurer in you-


  1. Camp amidst jungle under zillion stars
best things to do in Munnar

Jungle Camping in Munnar

Hmm! it sounds pretty scary, right? Nope, I would call it FUN! Pitching up a tent and spending a cold starry night right in the middle of thick jungle definitely seems a good idea. There are many expert tour operators who offer exactly that. It is safe, however, the amenities would be minimal. That is understandable, you are camping atop a peak amidst the thick dark forest, you cannot expect 5-star facilities for sure. If you compromise the same, you would have one of the best nights to remember.


Imagine sitting in front of a tent pitched on a thick grassland, surrounded by thick sholas, the star-studded night sky, the chilly wind, with a cup of hot soup and some ambient music to raise up the mood? Waking up to see the blissful sunrise in the morning? Trekking through the wilderness? I am sure you started dreaming. If yes? Head to Munnar Hills in Kerala and enjoy a one of a kind travel experience in Kerala.


  1. Meesapulimalai Trek
best things to do in Munnar

Making their way to the Messapulimalai [Aerial View]

Now, this is for the hardcore adventure travellers. A trek to Meesapulimalai, the second highest peak in South India seems a daunting task for many. It is indeed the same. Trek Level is hard. It is not suggestible to aged persons. It demands a bit of physicality. Also, it is recommended to have an accompanying guide, because you may get lost on the way.

The starting point for this trek is the Silent Valley. The only possible way to reach there is by Jeep. This off-road jeep safari would last 45 mins and during the same, you get to see some majestic views of the surrounding landscape. From there the guided Trek to Meesapulimalai begins. The trek is along the high ridges of the Western Ghats and one would have to cover 7 hills to reach the Meesapulimalai. You would pass through beautiful grasslands, sholas, pine trees and more. The views on the way are simply out of the world and there is no doubt, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!


As you reach the top of the Meesapulimalai, the view downhill is definitely going to take your breath away for a moment. And if it is cloudy, you get to kiss the clouds. They just skim pass through you. On top of all of it, standing atop the second highest peak in South India is a feeling that you experience only when you do conquer the majestic Meesapulimalai.


  1. Thoovanam Waterfalls Trek
best things to do in Munnar

Travellers chilling at Thoovanam Waterfalls

45 kms away from the Munnar town is the Thoovanam Waterfalls. Situated amidst the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, the falls are wide and a perfect spot to spend some quality time. However, reaching this falls is not easy, you got to trek your way through the jungle of Chinnar for around 2 hours, and some people may even take 3 hours. The area is a storehouse of different species of birds, which is why it would please the bird watchers as well.


The best time to visit is during the month of June when this area houses millions of butterflies and you are treated with vivid colours of nature.


  1. Lakshmi Hills Trek
best things to do in Munnar

Lakshmi Hills trek

This is one of the famous and easiest treks in Munnar. It is a small, soft, short duration trek and therefore is recommended to all. This is suggestible for those who would like to have a short trek in Munnar. Again, a guide is recommended for the maximum fun, as he would take you along the best trek routes.

Trek usually starts from the Hydel park [3 kms from Munnar town]. A 40 minutes trek along the Tea Plantations would take you to the top. They would then walk through ridge area. On to their left, you could see verdant grasslands while on to the right it is tea plantation. Next up a two and a half hour [In some cases, 3 hours] thoroughly entertaining hike down through the thick sholas and Coffee- Cardamom plantations would take you to the finishing point [5 kms from Munnar town] of the Lakshmi Hills trek.


  1. Cycling
best things to do in Munnar

Cycling in Munnar

This is meant for those who love pedalling their way through an unknown countryside. Munnar is a picture-perfect choice for them. Its hilly terrain, stupendous sights all around and the pleasant cool climate would keep your energy levels high and fill your hearts with memories that last a lifetime. Hop on a mountain bike and pedal through the lush green tea plantations, villages and do some off-road cycling as well.


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