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This small village in Kodaikanal just 5 kms away from the town, is a hit among the nature lovers. Vattakkanal or locally known as “Vatta” is not in the radar of the usual herd of travellers who mostly visit the common sightseeing places in Kodaikanal such as the Coaker’s Walk, the Pillar Rocks, the Guna Caves, the Silver falls etc. Vattakkanal in Kodaikanal stands out among all these, with its pristine beauty and spectacular trekking trails it offers.


Considering its huge inflow of the Israeli travellers every year, this beautiful village amidst sky-high mountains of Kodaikanal is rightly named the “The Little Israel”. Israeli travellers flock here in numbers during the winter and stay for months. Not just the Israelis but people all around the world who love to spend some peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourists in town, consider Vattakkanal as an escape route.


How to reach? Just enjoy the hike route!

Just 5 km from the Kodaikanal town, Vattakkanal is easily accessible by car, jeep or any vehicles. However, I would recommend enjoying a walk to reach Vatta. Start from the La Salette Church in Kodaikanal Town and it is recommended you take an accompanying guide along with you who would make your hike even more fun. As you walk along the roads, you are exposed to some beautiful sights of the Kodaikanal Hills. You get spectacular views of the pine trees, thick sholas and more. Do remember to make a visit to the Pambar Falls as well. It is a hidden natural treasure.

Vattakkanal in Kodaikanal

Pambar Falls


You would reach a point from where you would have to take a downhill deviation which leads to Vattakkanal. From here your hike is going to be more fun. With multicoloured trees on both sides of the roads and the sound of small waterfalls at certain points gushing down, you would feel a forest like an ambience. The pleasant cool breeze helps you fill in your energy levels and keeps the hike more entertaining as well. It gets spine chilly at times though, so do remember to carry your favourite warm outfits.


The following serpentine road to Vatta gives you a glimpse of the stunning views of the Vattakkanal beforehand. As you get more steps closer, onto your left side of the road, you get a view right through the trees, of the majestic hills lined up at a distance. It is a feeling I cannot explain though. On the other side, there are probably hundreds of homestays who cater to the backpackers. As I said, Vattakkanal is a favourite haunt of the backpackers all around the world, a paradise hidden from the normal tourists.

Vattakkanal in Kodaikanal

View on the way to Vattakkanal


Finally, when you reach the Vattakkanal viewpoint, you would see many travellers standing in awe as they witness the gorgeous hills of Kodaikanal, kissing the clouds that skim past them. Why? Well! No wonder, when your eyes are treated with a blissful view like this, you would definitely get lost for words. Check out-

Vattakkanal in Kodaikanal

Vattakkanal View Point



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