North Indian City Guide - Auli

The first thought that one would get upon mentioning Auli is that the snow-covered mountains are apt for skiing; hence, skiing has become its identity. Auli proves to be a picturesque treat to its visitors, with the snow covered mountains and alpine forests that stand amidst the white snow. One can get a panoramic view of the Himalayan Ranges as Auli lies between 2500 meters and 3000 meters, making it the tourist attraction in itself. It is also popular as a mountain biking destination with its challenging roads.

Auli - City Guide

One of the major attractions and a must-do in Auli is riding the cable car, which is more than 3 kilometers long and around 300 meters above the sea level. It gives us some of the most breath-taking views on move. It is also the second longest cable car after the one in Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir. One can also visit ‘Gusro Bugyal’ a beautiful spot for a moderate trek,that lies just 1.5 kilometers from the last point where the cable car ends. It is a trail through the valleys between Nanda Devi, Trishul Peak and Dron, which gives great views of majestic mountains.

Another must-visit is the serene Chattrakund, a sweet-water lake enchanted with crystal-clear water and surrounding forests. As well as being situated at an elevation of 3300 meters, it makes a beautiful hiking spot. Auli also has one of the highest artificial lakes in the world, which despite being man - made, continues to charm people with its surrounding views. It is also planned to be a source for snow when there is less snow otherwise, in order to enable skiing.

We also have the less traversed Chenab Lake which is almost inaccessible by bikes, making it the abode of campers and trekkers who find home amidst the hills. Joshimath is another destination through Auli, which is a hub of trekkers and devotees. It has devotees going to the Shrine of Badrinath along with trekkers who want to explore the beautiful hamlet. During summer, Auli becomes the ideal destination for an adventurous soul—in other words, a perfect getaway for every nature lover to make their dream come true.

Climatic Condition

Auli offers a perfect touristic climate throughout the year with snow-laden mountains during the winter, moderate summers and monsoons that turn the place green and beautiful. Summers are from April to June when temperature ranges from 10° C to 20° C with June being the hottest month. July and August have showers which make the place picturesque and the temperature is semi-moderate. Winters start in October and goes on till March, with December and January as the coldest months with temperatures between - 4° C and 10°C.

Major Attractions

Skiing, Cable Car Ride, Gusro Bugyal, Auli Artificial Lake, Chattrakund, Chenab Lake, Kwani bugyal, Joshimath.

Best Time to Visit

November to March (for skiing) April and May

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