Situated in the northeastern part of India, Sikkim is surrounded on all sides by land comprising of the stretches of Tibet, Nepal and the empire of Bhutan.

Sikkim - North East - India

This is a place where the monasteries of Buddhism exists in harmony with the Hindu temples. Gangtok, the capital is a popular pilgrim place and a base for trekkers to the Himalayan range.

Places to visit

Tsomgo Lake : Surrounded by snow-clad mountains and nestled among the valleys of the hills, the Tsomgo Lake lies 38 kilometers away from Gangtok. Trekking the way to the lake is in itself an adventure.

Yuksom : An ancient town, Yuksom is famed for the beauty of the hills endowed with a natural trekking pass. When on a journey to find some peace and quiet, Yuksom is the ideal choice.

Nathula Pass : The much famed Nathula Pass known for connecting India with Tibet. It is located in the Himalayan range and makes for a beautiful place to visit in Sikkim.

Namchi :Blessed with a beautiful variety of flora and fresh air, Namchi delivers the sight of the beautiful snow-capped Himalayas against the woodland mountains of Sikkim. This place has a rich fragment of the flora found here and makes it one of the best places in Sikkim.

Zuluk : Located at a high altitude, Zuluk is a small village known for its rich history with the Silk Route. It gives a spectacular view of the snow-clad mountains during the winters and the best place to visit to experience the snowfall in Sikkim in winter.

Must visit places :

Teesta River : among all the places in Sikkim, Teesta River makes a different quirk in holidaying. The river adorned in crystal blue waters is a sight to look at when it is frozen in the winters. In spring, when the river is up and running, the sight of the sun gleaming in the waters makes for a wonderful experience.

Gangtok : The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok has a lot of gorgeous routes for trekking, dashing silver fir-trees and the kind hospitality of people of the region makes a trip to Gangtok a memorable one.

Pelling : Despite the fact that almost most of Sikkim offers a good view of the Himalayas, none in India can beat the spectacular view of the mountain ranges from Pelling. It is from this point one can get the best of Sikkim. Things to do :

Lachung, Rumtek Monastery and Do-Drul Chorten.

Best time to visit :

The spring months of March to April makes it the best time to visit Sikkim as the weather is also pleasant during this time. Winter offers the best of the season in Sikkim but the climate is generally cold there.

Ways to reach :

By air : The nearest airport is the Bagdogra Airport located at a distance of 124 kilometers from Sikkim.

By rail : Railway services near Gangtok is Siliguri at a distance of 145 kilometers.

By road : There are many bus services and the state is well connected by road to all the other states.

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