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Have you ever listened to the stories nature tells you ? when we decide to step out of regular routines and lifestyles and become ready to observe the world around us, then the magical transformation happens. It is an undeniable fact that the beauty of nature will leave us speechless once we start traveling.

World Tourism Day, the day imparting the significance of Tourism and the emphasis of exploring things across territories. Tourism sector has seen a revolutionary trend in the recent times due to the power of social media and the digital reach to the public.

Unlike the olden days, traveling has become an easy task and the globalization has played a major role in transforming the tourism domain into a colorful arena where it is possible for the people across the globe to know the culture and lifestyles of each other.

Tourism and the Digital Transformation is the need of the hour and the tourism sector going digitally has become a trend setting for the other related industries. Entrepreneurship, inclusion, development of the local community, resource management are the verticals where you can see manifold developments using the technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms.

World Tourism Day 2018 is a unique opportunity where the latest technologies in the Digital domain and the potential contribution thereof, which can make a magical transformation aiming at the sustainable tourism development. At the same time, the technologies pave ways for for investment, partnerships and collaboration which will emerge into a more responsible and inclusive tourism sector.

Harnessing innovation and digital advances into the tourism industry will surely have an impact on the other sectors and also towards achieving the goals of Sustainable Tourism. The strong message on this World Tourism Day is that, the Transformation in the Digital Platform should be providing benefits to all and contribute towards a global commitment.
India, being the most popular destination among the global travelers has been witnessing people from around the world and the number gets increased day by day. The limitless beauty and the spiritual aura prevailing in India draws everyone to explore the country.

Warmest wishes on this World Tourism Day 2018 from Indian Panorama !!

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