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Kasauli is a hilly town in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Located around 2300 feet above sea level, it is no less than a heaven for the trekkers and nature enthusiasts. The cool climate and the scenic landscape will definitely fill in your senses. The town was developed by the British and is famous for its colonial style architecture. The people at Kasauli are very loving and welcome the tourists whole heartedly. Witnessing the sunset from the popular sunset point at Kasauli is described by some as an enlightening experience. There are a lot of attractions to explore at Kasauli which include the Christ Church, the Monkey Point, the Kasauli Brewery and many more.

Below are our top picks in Kasauli for you-


  • Monkey Point

This is believed to be the exact place mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana, where Lord Hanuman set his foot in search of the herbs needed to cure Lord Ram’s brother Lakshmana. It exposes you to a panoramic view of the countryside, the surrounding hills and great snow-capped Himalayas. Special permit is mandatory to visit this place as the site is managed by the Indian Air-Force at present. It is the highest location in the whole Kasauli area and a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman right at the topmost point of the hill. You will come across a lot of monkeys living in the area but are harmless and friendly, but make sure you stick to your belongings as sometimes they love to play pranks on you and you will definitely fall for it.

  • Sunset Point

Probably the most recommended view point at Kasauli, the Sunset Point lets you reach deep into the natural beauty of Kasauli and its surrounding hills. It is obvious from its name that this is a perfect spot to witness the sunset. Indeed it is, but not just perfect, it is picture perfect. The sky looks colorful with the sunlight scattered across and spreading various colors. It is ideal for strolling and spending some time with nature.

  • Gilbert trail

Gilbert Trail is a kilometer and a half long nature walk on the small Kacha path which is a highly entertaining activity for the travelers at Kasauli. The path gets narrow on the move and you got to be careful not to slip your feet as the way gets slippery most of the time. Not to mention the sights along the trail, it is simply magical. You would likely feel as if you have landed on a wonderland. Make sure you do not miss this spot while you are here.

  • Krishna Bhavan Temple

Built in 1926, the Krishna Bhavan Temple is a medley of the European and Indian style architecture. A fascinating fact about the temple is that it is constructed in the form of a church. It is a major popular pilgrim centre at Kasauli visited by tourists and locals as well.

  • Nahri Temple

Nahri Temple is also another major pilgrim centre flocked by devotees and tourists frequently. It is dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. It is popular by the names “Jantar Mantar”. Inside the temple chambers are the striking idols of Durga Devi and Lord Shiva.


Best time to visit?

The best time to visit Kasauli is during the month March – November when the temperature is cool [12°c-28°c] and the whole Kasauli looks awesome. However November – March is also a fair time to visit Kasauli for those who do not mind the freezing temperature during this time. Kasauli looks stunning, covered by snow all around. It looks like it wears a rather different outfit during the Winter Season and it definitely adds more charm to it.


How to reach?

By Air:

Chandigarh is the nearest international airport to connect Kasauli 70 kms away. After you get down the airport, grab a taxi to Kasauli.

By Rail:

Kalka is the nearest rail head to reach Kasauli. It is well connected with cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Lucknow and Kolkata.

By Road:

Kasauli is well connected by road with all the major cities in North India. It is easily accessible by Bus or car. The nearest cities are Chandigarh [65km], Shimla [73km] and Ludhiana [145 km].

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