Camel Safari Tour

Camel Safari

Camel safaris are a very romantic idyll, but the reality is that this is the camel has far from the most natural, or comfortable gait.

It is not like riding a horse by any means. We would strongly recommend taking a shorter camel ride for a few hours before committing to 7 days of camel-back adventure! This safari takes through some remote parts of Rajasthan, in the state’s far west, visiting forts and palaces dotted across the landscape. Accommodation is in tents (or sleeping....

under the stars) throughout

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Day 1 - Jaislamer - Bada Bagh - Baisakai - Ramkunda

Start the day with breakfast and begin the camel safari tour. The first place you’ll reach is Bada Bagh, known for cenotaphs of various maharajas of Jaisalmer. Continue on from here to an ancient Shiva temple at Baisakai where you’ll also have a lunch stop, and explore the area in the afternoon. Overnight near Ramkunda

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Day 2 - Ramkunda - Roopsi - Ludharva - Chatrayil

Leave Ramkunda after breakfast and ride through Roopsi with its traditional mud houses to Ludharva. Have lunch at Ludharva and visit the Jain temple here, before proceeding to Peerawal via Chatrayil, a traditional village where you’ll see something of the lifestyle of the local people. Camping near to Peerawal

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Day 3 - Chatrayil - Salkha - Beri of Kanoi - Sand dunes

The next day of your epic journey begins as you ride to Salkha, a traditional Rajput village. Time here in the morning before lunch, and later resume riding as you cross Beri of Kanoi, an area of importance for local people due to its (relative) abundance of water sources. Tonight you will be in the heart of classic desert sand dunes as your camp is set up.

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Day 4 - Sand dunes - Kanoi - Masoordi - Jeseiri

Return across the Beri of Kanoi, reach Masoordi for lunch, then proceeding to the Rajput village of Jeseiri, a true oasis. Chill out in the afternoon and mingle with the local people.

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Day 5 - Jeseiri - Dedha - Deegasar – Kuldhara

Resume riding after breakfast and pass through the Rajput village of Dedha, later reaching Deegasar and relax here before lunch. Later proceed to Kuldhara, a legendary ghost town which inspires a number of fantastical stories attempting to explain its abandonment around 200 years ago. Camp near- but not in!- the supposedly cursed village.

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Day 6 - Kuldhara - Moolsagar - Amarsagar – Jaisalmer

Leave after breakfast and visit Moolsagar, known for its royal garden featuring fountains and pavilions. As you start to head back to Jaisalmer your trek will take you through the village of Amarsagar, soon after which you’ll reach your final camp site.

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Day 7 - Camel Safari - Jaisalmer

Ride into Jaisalmer and check in at your hotel. After a well-deserved rest (and a shower!), head out and explore the highlights of Jaisalmer in the afternoon. Overnight in Jaisalmer

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Day 8 - Jaisalmer - Delhi - Depart

Transfer to Jaisalmer airport and fly to Delhi, and depart from there, or continue on with another adventure elsewhere in India.