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A debate arose between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi as to who was more powerful among them. Shiva claimed he was. But Shakti was too voracious in her defence on the debate to establish her claim. Angry Shiva cursed her to become an Ugrakali. Realizing her haste and violent argument, Shakti begged Shiva for a remedy. Lord Said, ‘Devas and men will be subjected to the atrocities of demons shortly. You, as Ugra Kali will destroy the demons and protect Devas and men. Then, you come to Thillai (now Chidambaram) and perform penance on me. I shall be there to grant Ananda dance darshan to Sages Patanjali and Vyakrapada. You will join me there as Sivakami’ thus goes the story. Thillai Kali is also known as Ellai Kali – Ellai means border – Kali at the border of Thillai.


Those who visit Chidambaram temple complete the pilgrimage to the place with worship of Thillaikali as well. This temple was built in 13th century. This is about 1.5kms from Chidambaram Temple.

Pooja Timings :

Poojas are perfomed 4 times everyday and temple is opening by 6 am and closing by 12.30 Noon in the forenoon and opening by 4.30 pm and closing by 8.30 pm in the afternoon everyday.



Annual Festivals are celebrated in the month of ‘Vaigasi’ and ‘Navarathiri’ festival is celebrated in the month of  ‘Purattasi’.

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