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There is no doubt we all love to travel, but often it happens that most of us plan a lot and never end up travelling for real. For me, there are two types of people and I categorize them as the “Babysitters” and then the “Go-Getters”.


I call them Babysitters, those who always seem to make huge plans at first and then complain about their situations or something “Blah-Blah” as reasons for not materializing their plans. They are so used to their routine life and never want to get out of their sweet spots and explore the world around them. And then there are the Go-Getters, my kind of people who don’t love to stay in their comfort zone for a long time and always has that inner excitement and curiosity boiling in them to travel somewhere new and explore the unknown.

I remember that famous quote by the Prophet Mohammed-


“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled”

– The Prophet Mohammed


Yes! It does make sense for those who travel extensively. They gain a lot of knowledge about every aspect of this phenomenon we call “Life on Planet Earth”. Travel is not just holidaying, it is more about learning, experimenting, experiencing and exploring new dimensions and landscapes, people, culture, language and YES! FOOD! Travel is like putting yourself into a test and discover where in this World you fit in?


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

– Saint Augustine


Travel is about preparing yourself for facing all the challenges you would face in your life. Travel is happiness. Travel is being at peace. Travel sometimes annoys you, sometimes confuses you and sometimes tire you down, but all of it makes you wiser and bring about the best of you. That is where the true essence of travelling lies.

Sometimes travel does answer us the most raging question we all ask our self “Who am I?”

Travel for me is all about finding myself within!


Ted Talks on Travel

Below I have picked 7 of the most inspiring Ted Talks on travel I found on Youtube, which pretty much boosted me to travel more.


I hope it does the same for you! Enjoy!


 Get out there and explore the World around you!

>>>’Learn to travel- Travel to learn’ by Robin Esrock


>>>’Travel more and Buy Less’ by Luis Vargas


>>>’How and why travel transforms you’ by Francis Tapon


>>> ‘Deep Travel- Connecting on the road and in life’ by Judith Fein


>>> ‘Open Road, Open Life’ by Andrew Evans


>>>’Why Bother Leaving the house’ by Ben Saunders


>>>’The Value of travel’ by Rick Steves



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