Thillai Kali Amman Temple

Thillai Kali Amman Temple

The Thillai Kali Amman temple is situated on the outskirts of Chidambaram. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kaali. It was built by Kopperunjingam, a Chola king during his reign.

Thillai Kali Amman Temple - Rameshwaram - Tamil Nadu

Speciality of the Temple

In the Thilai Kali Amman temple, Mother Kali appears with four heads like Lord Brahma. One can witness Goddess Saraswathi and Lord Shiva who in the form of Dakshina Rupini. This is the only temple where Lord Dakshinamurthy appears in a female form. Devotees light lamps here on Thursdays and worship the lord for good academic skills and achievement.


Once a debate arose between Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva as to who was more powerful amongst them. They decided to hold a dancing competition and the winner shall emerge powerful than the loser. As the danced commenced Lord Shiva played his Ugra Thandava which he ended by raising his leg upwards to the sky and dared mother Kali to do the same.

But bound by the feminine traits, she could not subject to do the same. Hence, she accepted defeat. Yet her anger at having been ridiculed in the basis of gender did not pass and she became furious. Lord Brahma appeared in front of her and praised the Veda Nayaki and begged her to calm down. The Mother responded to the prayer and gave him darshan as Brahma Chamundeeswari. The Thilai Kali Amman temple was built on this place.

Temple timings

The temple functions from 6.30 am to 1.00 pm and between 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Dress Code

No specific dress code is recommended for a visit to this temple. Still, costumes covering upper arms and legs are suggested as a mark of respect to the temple customs.


The festival of Navarathri is celebrated with much grandeur in this temple.