Rockfort Temple - Trichy

Rockfort Temple - Trichy

Situated atop a massive granite boulder which rises from the alluvial plains around it, Rock Fort is a significant landmark in the central Tamil Nadu city of Tiruchirappalli, or Trichy as it is universally known.

Rockfort Temple - Trichy - Tamilnadu

The temple atop the rock is the actual Rock Fort temple, but the entire area leading through a series of smaller shrines, and up many flights of steps (over 400 in total) is also referred to by the same overall name.

The extended historical background of Tiruchirappalli blesses the city with numerous temples and religious places. Rock Fort Temple is undoubtedly the greatest landmark of the city.

Access to the temple is from Rock Fort Bazaar, Trichy’s busiest market street making the approach interesting in itself even before you get into the temples and the climb to the top. The major highlights include Manikka Vinayakar Temple and Ucchi Pillayar Temple, both dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Once you make it the top, the views across the city to the River Cauvery and Srirangam are lovely.