Rama Swamy Temple - Kumbakonam

Rama Swamy Temple - Kumbakonam

The Ramaswamy temple is located in Kumbakonam and is dedicated to Lord Ram, an incarnation of Vishnu. It was built during the Nayak period in the 16th century and is famed for its architectural style.

Rama Swamy Temple - Kumbakonam - Tamil Nadu

Specialty :

The Ramaswamy temple is one among the three temples where all the four brothers, Ram, Lakshman, Bharath and Satrugan are seen together. The presiding deity, Ram and Sita are seen in their wedding posture. The Lord Sri Ram appears to bless his devotees along with his consort and all his brothers while Lord Hanuman who normally carries a club in all other temples is seen here to hold a veena (South Indian lute-like instrument)


The king of Ayodhya, Dasaratha was despondant as he had no children to continue his lineage and as advised by his guru he conducted a sacrifice following which all his three wives gave birth. No power could separate the brothers even though many situations forced them too.

Temple Timings

The deity can be worshipped from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm and between 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Dress Code

No specific dress code is recommended for a visit to this temple. Still, costumes covering upper arms and legs are suggested as a mark of respect to the temple customs.


Sri Ram Navami is celebrated in this temple during which the main deity has special pujas performed which happens during the Tamil month Panguni (March – April). Once in every 12 years during the Masi month of the Tamil calendar, Lord Ram and consort Mother Sita are seen to bless the devotees by offering the Theertham as Prasad from the Mahamaham tank. This festival is very popular and devotees take a dip in the temple tank