Chennakeshava Temple

Chennakeshava Temple

In the 12th century under the rule of hoysala the Chennakeshava temple was built and one of the impressive examples of hoysala architecture is the Chennakeshava temple, in Bellur. A Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Vishnu is called the Chennakeshava Temple.If you're thinking about traveling to Karnataka, you should definitely check out the Chennakeshava Temple, which is the oldest in the Hassan area.

The temple's architecture will amaze you. In 1117 AD, the king vishnuvardhana who ruled the hoysala kingdom. The masterpiece is the Chennakeshave temple because of the sculpture and architecture with unique designs and styles that would be the main attraction to tourism. The main attraction of the temple is the ornate pillars one of the garuda and one with a lamp. Now let’s talk about the architecture that is the master piece of the temple the outer wall of the temple is precisely done with a beautifully painted portrait of dancing girls with different postures. The Chennakeshava temple is recently celebrated 900 years of existence. That sounds spectacular. The structure has seen many faces of Karnataka’s history. It is today an iconic tourist attraction and a symbol of the legacy of one of south India’s kingdoms. Your trip would be incomplete without visiting this beautiful and mesmerizing Chennakeshava temple.

Entry Fee:

The entry ticket to enter the temple is Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 100 for foreigners. Camera Fee: INR 30, Car Parking Fee: INR 50

Darshan time:

The temple is open every day from Morning 7.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Evening 2.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Specialty of the temple:

It is one of the oldest and greatest treasure houses of Indian sculpture, art and architecture. Many people visit to learn more about the sculptures and the details of the architecture. The Chennakeshava temple wall is featured with many species like elephants, lions, and horses. There are a total of 48 pillars in the temple which are uniquely carved and decorated with beautiful of the must visit places in Karnataka when it comes to exploring ancient time creation.

Best time to visit the temple:

The best time to visit the temple is from October to March.

Dress code of the temple:

There is no particular dress code to enter the Chennakeshava temple but modest clothing is required for both men and women.

Festival of the temple:

In the temple of Chennakeshava, there is a special festival known as Rathotsava. It begins with a maulvi narrating passages from the Quran. Huge numbers attended the chariot festival, which makes it a unique event since it is observed by both Muslims and Hindus and is an excellent example of religious unity. There would be free food, buttermilk, and juice provided to the devotees. If you’re planning the trip, then visit the temple during the festival which is mostly celebrated in the month of April to learn more about the culture of the place.

How to reach Chennakeshava temple ?

By Air : Hassan does not have an airport but the nearest airport to reach Chennakeshava temple is Bangalore.

By Train :Bellur is located 22 km from Chikmagalur, the closest railway station. Bellur town is about 32 km from Hassan railway station.

By Road :The Chennakeshava temple is about 38 km from Hassan, buses and cabs are available to reach the temple.


1.Is there a particular rule to follow while inside the temple?

Provide guidance on proper behaviour, such as removing shoes, maintaining silence, and showing respect to God.

2.What is the significance of Chennakeshava Temple?

The main significance of the temple is its unique features and architecture.

3.What is the best time to visit Chennakeshava temple?

The best time to visit the Chennakeshava temple is in the months of October to March.

4.What is the best time to visit the temple?

The best time to visit the temple is early in the morning or later in the evening.