Badami Cave Temple

Badami Cave Temple

The Badami town of northern Karnataka houses the mesmerizing cave temples with distinct appeal and architecture. Carved in the sandstone hills, there are four caves, out of which 3 are dedicated to Vedic faith and the fourth one to the Jainism.Stone columns, brackets, verandahs, columned halls, murals and sculptures are the main features of these temples.

Badami Cave Temple - Karnataka

Cave 1

accommodates a beautiful 5 feet high image of Shiva in his famous dancing pose and flaunting 18 arms. There are other images of several other deities beside the main image and carved on the ceiling.

Cave 2

It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has images of Bhuvaraha and Trivikarma on the walls, along with several images carved on the ceiling.

Cave 3

too is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and showcases the carved images of his various incarnations.

Cave 4

It is a Jain temple with a fabulous image of Lord Mahavira and various other images of Jain Thirthankaras.