Ashrams To Visit In India

If you are fed up with the bustling life of city and interested in taking a spiritual journey, then Indian ashrams are the ideal destinations to start the voyage. Fascinating ashrams in India are true treasure trove of Indian mystical, utmost tranquility and deep-rooted spirituality.The culture rich land of India is sprinkled with numerous ashrams that flocks spiritual seekers from every corner of the world.

Popular Temples To Visit In India

Char Dham describes the four pilgrimage sites in India, which are extensively venerated by Hindu supporters. These include Badrinath, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Yamunotri. For every Hindu follower it has been mentioned in their Holy Book to pay a visit to these sacred places once in their lifetime to abolish their sins and wrong karma. Hence, Char Dham pilgrimage begins each year in the months of summer. This pilgrimage gets started with flair of fun and devotion and each year these four sites get flocked by thousands of pilgrims..