Karnataka Tour Itineraries - Indian Panorama

Karnataka is a large state in South India with everything from wildlife to beaches, ancient temples to modern cities, scenic mountains to lush plantations and a lot more besides. Distances in Karnataka can be significant, so, like all of India, it pays not to try and pack in too much, but with time and a well-designed plan, a visit to Karnataka can provide a breath-taking experience of this part of the country.

Some highlights include historic Mysore- probably the most interesting mid-size city in the south, Hampi- a vast archaeological treasure-trove which has to be seen to be properly comprehended, Coorg , a scenic wonderland of high peaks, great places for hiking and expansive coffee plantations, and some lovely beaches, lapped by the Arabian Sea.

Most often combined with time in Kerala, Karnataka is another Indian wonderland awaiting your discovery.

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