Where to Go in India

Where to Go

Enveloped by imposing Himalayan ranges in the north and bordered by a never-ending expansion of golden beaches, India is a vibrant kaleidoscope of royal cities, frosty hill stations, hallowed temples, outstanding historical places, rich culture, and colorful festivities. You are planning a vacation to India, but have no idea about Indian tourism. Let us now discuss in brief about the beauty and timeless mystery of India that can only be experienced by exploring this ancient land.

Sanctified Temples in India

The historical heritage and rich culture has well-preserved in its sacred pilgrim sites and temple architecture. The temples in India ate not just important for the pilgrims, but also for visitors of India. Also the architecture and intricate carvings of Indian shrines are something that will enthrall the tourists to no limit.

South India is sprinkled with mesmerizing temples that can easily clutch your attention. These temples are framed on Dravidian style of architecture. The gopurams and the Vimana are the most special features of the temple in South India. Meenakshi temple, Badami Cave temples, Sabarimala temple, Thousand Pillar temple etc are some of the main shrines in South India.

The temples in North India are simply breathtaking; these are constructed in Nagara style of architecture that has distinctive features like shorter mandapa, taller shrine and captivating shikhara that can be seen in most of the temples. Golden temple, Akshardham temple, Khajuraho temples, Jagannath temple etc are famous temples in North India.

East India on the other side has some of the best holy places of India. These temples are based on various regional style of architecture. Bodhi temple, Lingaraja temple, Patna Sahib etc are the prominent shrines of East India. Tourists explore these sanctified shrines to know more about the various religious traditions and faiths in full mode. West India has also contributed a lot in Indian art and culture. Pilgrim places in West India were swayed by regional styles. Shirdi temple, Somnath temple, Kailash temple etc are the renowned shrines in West India.

Thrilling Adventure Spots in India

India proffers superb opportunities to adventure-seekers. These adventurous places provide you an opportunity to indulge in daring adventure sports. Dive deep into blue sea to have a sneak peek of vibrant and colorful marine life. Or may be conquer over the fleet swirling river as it pours past impressive mountains.

For trekking lovers, India has offers you breathtaking and challenging trekking trails in many places of India like Garhwal, Sikkim, Ladakh, Darjeeling etc. Gear up and explore highest snow-capped mountains by riding your cycle across the mesmerizing mountains. Best places to go for mountain biking are Himachal Pradesh, Kumaon, Garhwal and so on. In addition to adventure travel in India, don’t forget to go for river rafting, which is a best alternative for adventure junkies. Rishikesh, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh are the best destinations for river rafting.

Fascinating Indian Beaches

Feeling tedious with muddled and chaotic life of city, add beaches of Indian in your traveling plan. Soft silken sand, swaying palm trees, melting sun in the arms of enormous sea, the beaches of India offers you the scenic pleasure and attention-grabbing natural views. Explore the beauty of Kovalam beach or walk over the silky sand of Anjuna beach, spend some sluggish moments at Marina beach or feel the finest natural beauty at Mararaikulam beach, Indian beaches are simply tremendous and breathtaking.

Give yourself a treat planning a vacation to Indian beaches, also enjoy mouth-watering sea-food, relaxing spa massage, extensive variety of water sports that you can enjoy at these beaches like wind surfing, water skiing and scuba diving.

Exotic Wildlife in India

The Indian subcontinent is bestowed with diverse landscapes and climatic conditions that provide an abode to wide variety of exotic and rare species. The unique wildlife tourism in India draws attention of numerous wildlife lovers every year. Indian wildlife destinations can easily satisfy your craving to watch the untamed adventure. India is blessed with 23 tiger reserves, 80 national parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries. White tigers, wild boar, Siberian cranes, leopards, Asiatic lions and other rare animals and birds are preserved in these wildlife places. Apart from this, these wildlife spots are bedazzled naturally with a broad variety of flora and fauna.

Visit Corbett National Park, which is renowned for its Tiger reserve and it is also the first national park in India. Kumarakom bird sanctuary, on the other side is well-known for its exotic birds. Ranthambhore national park, Gir wildlife sanctuary, Kanha national park, Sariska national park are some of the major wildlife destinations that are snuggled in India.

Mesmerizing Forts and Monuments in India

India is a land of stunning forts and enthralling monuments. Several kings ruled over various parts of India and left their impressive marks on history pages in the form of imposing architectural designs. India is blessed with a good number of breathtaking world heritage monuments that portrays amazing intricate work.

From the magnetizing marble beauty of Taj Mahal to the fine intricate work of Ajanta & Ellora caves, the captivating forts in Rajasthan like Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar-Mantar and City Palace are an eloquent reminder of bygone golden era. The vivid expressions of diverse culture can be seen in these monuments and tombs.