Realtime Customer Review

Customer Name: Ms. Susan Tinsley(Ireland)

23rd Sep 2023 21:47:35 PM


Overall a great service, very enjoyable

Customer Name: Mr. Mr. Jitendra Mody(India)

23rd Sep 2023 20:07:06 PM


Mr. Bala is an excellent person, very polite and helpful. He gave us all the information pertaining to wherever we were headed. our trip couldn't have been so nice and perfect without him... and not to say the least he kept the vehicle in pristine condition, and drove is around safely without any complaint. excellent 👍

Customer Name: Mr. Deepak Seth(India)

23rd Sep 2023 19:20:05 PM


Good experience

Customer Name: Mr. Dhenral(India)

23rd Sep 2023 18:30:05 PM


Best service in tourism

Customer Name: Mr. Deepak Malik(India)

23rd Sep 2023 18:20:20 PM


We had a great time in Kerala with Naisam He is a very dedicated and have taken care of us in the full trip We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it in all the locations

Customer Name: Mr. Tasneem Netarwala(India)

23rd Sep 2023 17:11:45 PM


Shankar was a very friendly, safe and knowledgable driver. He was ever smiling and had thorough knowledge about the area.

Customer Name: Ms. Sunita More(India)

23rd Sep 2023 16:08:45 PM


removable Sun shield on glass windows is very important

Customer Name: Mr. Rohan Sequeira(India)

23rd Sep 2023 15:09:46 PM


Balaji was a good and respectful driver. We had a pleasant experience with him

Customer Name: Mr. SHRUTI MORE(India)

23rd Sep 2023 12:01:04 PM


overall excellent service.

Customer Name: Mr. SUHAS GOVIND MAHAJAN(Australian)

23rd Sep 2023 11:07:03 AM


Best service.