Realtime Customer Review

Customer Name: Ms. Anuradha(India)

18th Jul 2024 20:36:10 PM


Excellent service . Excellent service by Driver

Customer Name: Ms. Sangeetha Chelladorai(Malaysia)

18th Jul 2024 19:19:24 PM


very good service. 5 star rating for our driver Shashi, very polite ,humble and patience

Customer Name: Mr. Abhimanyuteja Yarramaneni(United States)

18th Jul 2024 15:04:16 PM


We've had a wonderful trip thanks in part to our driver Pandi Anna.

Customer Name: Mr. Ravish Ratnam(India)

18th Jul 2024 14:32:24 PM


thank you so much for your excellent driving and patience. it was lovely spending the week with you mahesh g thanks cholan tours

Customer Name: Mrs. Sangita Nandakumar(India)

18th Jul 2024 14:21:38 PM


Will definitely use your services again and recommend our friends also

Customer Name: Ms. KUCHERLAPATI PADMA(India)

18th Jul 2024 14:21:16 PM


we are very happy with your service's

Customer Name: Mr. Mohammed Nawazulla(India)

18th Jul 2024 13:56:50 PM


It was a great experience and Mr shaji is very professional in driving and good trip adviser

Customer Name: Mr. Olivier Bernard(France)

18th Jul 2024 13:37:16 PM


very good experience !

Customer Name: Mr. Saravana Kumar Shanmugam(Malaysia)

18th Jul 2024 13:23:16 PM


Mr Ahmed was so helpful and patient with all our request.

Customer Name: Ms. Jacquelijne Van Den Berg (Dutch)

18th Jul 2024 13:07:20 PM


very good impression very polite car always clean and neat did know the highlights quite well aritsted where we could not pay foreigner with QR code this was highly appreciated nice person thank you Cholan Tours