Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja Festivals

The important Vara Mahalakshmi festival showcases the spiritual and cultural diversity of Karnataka and other South Indian regions. It is joyfully, fervently, and communally observed. It is devoted to the goddess of prosperity and fortune, Mahalakshmi. Married women usually observe the Vara Mahalakshmi fast in order to ask the goddess for her blessings for their families' wealth and well-being. In the Hindu months of July and August, the Vara Mahalakshmi fast is typically performed on the second Friday or the Friday before the full moon day. Rangoli, floral garlands, and traditional themes adorn homes and the Pooja space. Decorations often consist of marigold flowers and mango leaves. Women begin cleaning and decorating their homes well in advance of the celebration. In addition, they set aside a specific location for the Pooja, which primarily entails the adoration of Goddess Mahalakshmi. With great devotion, women do the pooja and present the goddess with unique meals, flowers, and fruits along with prayers. A unique Maha Mangalarati is conducted following the puja. This entails singing bhajans and hymns while waving a plate in front of the deity that has a lit lamp on it.

Specialty of Festival:

The festival is celebrated with the hope that Goddess Mahalakshmi will bestow prosperity, wealth and happiness upon her devotees. Married women observe the Vara Mahalakshmi fast in hopes of extending their husbands lives and ensuring their families wealth. Community celebrations take place during the holiday. Women gather to share food, perform the pooja as a group and exchange blessings. On this day some devotees fast, breaking it after the pooja. In addition to being a religious holiday Vara Mahalakshmi is a cultural custom that fortifies links throughout the community and within families.

Month of Festival:

July/ August.

How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport.

By Train :The nearest railway station is Bangalore City Junction.

By Road :It is well connected by road to nearby cities and states, you can hire a cab or bus to reach.


1.In Karnataka, when is Vara Mahalakshmi celebrated?

July / August is when Vara Mahalakshmi is usually observed.

2.Are there guided tours during the festival?

Yes, guided tours are often organized.

3.Does Vara Mahalakshmi have any special cuisine offerings?

Yes, on Vara Mahalakshmi there is a special meal called Kosambari, Payasa and so on.

4.Are there accommodations available nearby ?

Yes, it offers a range of accommodation options.