Vairamudi Brahmotsava Festivals

Mandya as a whole gets ready for the event, and a lot of devotees swarm the Mandya district the night before to see the Lord's Procession. The actual festivities go on for thirteen days. The major event of Vairamudi is an annual fasting day for the devout. For the nearly two lakh devotees of Cheluvanarayana, the ruling deity of the historic temple in the slumbering village of Melkote, it is also a feast for the eyes. In Melkote, the celebration of Garudotsava occurs one day ahead of Brahmotsava. Under strict security protocols, the Mandhya district administration arranges the meticulous transportation of the Vairamudi crown from the Mandya treasury to the temple. It’s thought that daylight exposure to the crown is a requirement. It will therefore be kept in a unique coffin. From here, it is transported in a ceremonial palanquin to the temple. It arrives at the temple late at night. In front of Sri Acharya Ramanuja’s shrine, the chief priest installs the crown and fits the Vairamudi to the Lord Cheluvanarayana statue. It is customary for not even the chief priest to see the Vairamudi with the naked eye until it is ready for the Lord. Thus, as the crown is being fitted, the priest conceals his eyes with a silk robe.

Specialty of Festival:

The focal point of the Vairamudi event is the vairamudi, or diamond-studded crown. During the off-season, the diamond crown is transported to Melukote under strict protection after being secured in a neighbouring city for the remainder of the year. On top of the statue of Lord Cheluvanarayana Swamy, a crown will be installed. The main attraction of the Vairamudi festival is the Rathotsava, or Car Festival. The 13-day Vairamudi celebration includes a boat festival, Nagavalli Mahotsava and Gajendra Moksha.

Month of Festival:


How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport.

By Train :The nearest railway station is Mandya Railway Station.

By Road :It is well connected by road to nearby cities and states, you can hire a cab or bus to reach the district.


1.In Karnataka, when is the Vairamudi Brahmotsava Festival celebrated?

April is when the Vairamudi Brahmotsava Festival is usually observed.

2.Are there guided tours during the festival?

Yes, guided tours are often organized.

3.Does Vairamudi Brahmotsava Festival have any special cuisine offerings?

Yes, on the Vairamudi Brahmotsava Festival, there is a special meal called sweet Pongal and kesari.

4.Are there accommodations available nearby?

Yes, it offers a wide range of accommodation options.