Pondicherry which was a French colonial establishment till 1954 is a Union territory situated near the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. This city still preserves its French legacy with neatly lined streets and cafes. Pondicherry also houses the Aurobindo Ashram.

The ashram is a spiritual place built when a small community of followers came together and gathered around Sri Aurobindo. Mirra Alfassa known to her devotees as Mother was born in Paris on 21st February, 1878 came to Pondicherry to meet and write a review about Sri Aurobindo and his ashram. She stayed at the ashram of Sri Aurobindo and later was called as ‘The Mother’ by him which made everyone in the ashram to do the same.

In February, 2018 hundreds thronged to the Aurobindo ashram on the occasion of her 136th birthday anniversary to pay homage to Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Mother’s room is open only on three days in a year, during her birthday, her death anniversary and February 29th which is the Golden Day.

If you are looking for a place to relax and find your inner self this Ashram is the ideal one. The Birth anniversary of the Mother is considered as one of the most important occasion in the Ashram. After her death Mother was buried next to Sri Aurobindo in the Ashram.