The term Yoga does not require any explanation, as it is the most wanted form of health practices all over the world. India, being the origin of Yoga, has not interpreted Yoga as an exercise, but the way of life. The Yogic culture has been in practice in India since many centuries and the ancestors of India were leading an undoubtedly healthy life.

The art of Yoga is a special gift of ancient India that has been passed out skillfully over the generations, still retaining its originality. The practice of Yoga over time can prove to be beneficial for the mind and body. Yoga has been proven to bring harmony to the soul and opens a window between the mental and physical wellbeing.

Besides physical benefits, Yoga is proven to cure mental stress, which usually leads to devastating effects on health. Yoga is a very good form of exercise for all types of people like athletes, couch potatoes or a workaholic.

Since its origin in 2015, the International Yoga Day is being observed annually on June 21. A day for Yoga was declared by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The ancient practice of Yoga is an activity that disciplines the mind, body and soul. It originated in ancient India, even before the Vedic period. June 21st was chosen as it is the longest day of the year and has a particular significance in many places of the world.

On the day of this International Yoga Festival, you can see the arrangements start from the morning in the school premises, public places and in offices as well. As we are living in the era of social media, it will be very interesting to watch the live sessions of Yoga done with a common theme of ambience and dress code which adds more beauty to the sessions. People even get inspired