Cochin Carnival

The Cochin Carnival is the biggest annual event held in the city of Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India. This fabulous 10-day celebration begins on Christmas Day, December 25th, and concludes on New Year's Eve, January 1st. The carnival is a vibrant showcase of Kochi's rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions.

The Cochin Carnival, organized by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Ernakulam, is a vibrant celebration marked by a variety of events and activities. It commences with the hoisting of the Carnival Flag at Vasco da Gama Square. The theme of this grand fiesta revolves around Peace, Adventure, Environment, Participation, and Progress, spreading messages of peace and prosperity. Throughout the carnival, the streets bustle with colourful parades, cultural performances, music, dance, art exhibitions, and more. Locals and tourists alike join in the festivities, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. A highlight of the Carnival is the burning of the effigy of Pappanhi, an old man, at midnight on New Year's Eve, captivating the attention of all. The carnival also offers opportunities for shopping and feasting at stalls and restaurants around Fort Kochi.

The origins of the Cochin Carnival trace back to the Portuguese era (1503-1663) when Fort Kochi was their capital. Initially celebrated with grand parties, the tradition faded after their departure. In 1984, three Cochin youngsters revived the festivities, organizing a beach festival to mark the UN's 'International Year of the Youth'. Supported by 150 youth groups, the event featured various local games and concluded with a grand procession on January 1, 1985, evolving into the Cochin Carnival we know today. The Carnival kicks off with a flag hoisting ceremony at Vasco Da Gama Square, echoing the Portuguese tradition.

Specialty of Festival:

The specialty of Cochin Carnival lies in its vibrant festivities, cultural performances, colourful parades, and exciting events that celebrate the spirit of the city.

Month of Festival:

The Cochin Carnival usually takes place in the month of December. It begins every year on December 25th and concludes on New Year's Eve, January 1st.

How to reach?

By Air : Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport, 36.2 Km away from Fort Kochi

By Train :Ernakulam Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station, 12.2 Km away from Fort Kochi.

By Road :Fort Kochi is easily accessible by road. You can choose private transportation, take a bus, or hire a cab to reach the destination.


1.Who can take part in the Cochin Carnival?

Anyone can participate in the Cochin Carnival, regardless of age or background. It's a lively event open to locals and tourists alike, welcoming everyone to join in the festivities and celebrations.

2.What do you experience at Cochin Carnival?

At the Cochin Carnival, you can enjoy colourful street parades, cultural performances, delicious food stalls, art exhibitions, sports competitions, and dazzling fireworks displays. It's a vibrant celebration showcasing Kerala's rich culture and traditions, entertaining people of all ages.

3.Where does the Cochin Carnival take place?

The Cochin Carnival takes place in Fort Kochi, a historic area in the city of Kochi, Kerala, India.