Bastille Day is the National Day of France that falls on 14th July every year. The French National Day celebrates the anniversary of the Bastille Storming by the French subjects in 1789.

Bastille was a fortress prison that held prisoners who were jailed on terms of no reason or royal indictment. On July 14, 1789 the people, united together, stormed the Bastille and fought against the French Guards.

The motive for the celebration of this day is to celebrate peace and equality among the people. Pondicherry, a French colony in India, which still houses its French residents celebrates the Bastille Day every year. Life at Pondicherry is much different from that of other parts of India.

This place is known to retain its per-independence way of French culture. The rich heritage of Pondicherry is evident in the festivals and fairs that give an ode to the culture.Bastille Day is celebrated as one of the most important festivals of Pondicherry. Being an important part of the French colony, Pondicherry lives this day with much pride and honor.

On the eve of the Bastille Day the retired soldiers in the town celebrate by engaging themselves in a parade and singing the Indian and French National Anthem. During Bastille Day, soldiers march in the town to honor the French soldiers who died during the battle. The French and Indian flag are seen flying alongside each other in Pondicherry