The occasion of Aadi Perukku is more significant in a farmer's life. The Tamil month of Aadi's eighteenth day is known as Aadi Perukku. According to mythology, everything we accomplish on this auspicious day will come back to us in full measure.

The inflow of water into rivers is likely to increase during this time. After the post-harvest period, every farmer eagerly awaits a rise in the water levels in the reservoirs and other water sources to start the sowing process towards the next farming season. Hence, prayers are taking place to rivers and water sources for a sustainable water resource and a better yield in the ensuing season.

Typically, the life of a farmer directly connects with all the natural sources. On this day, special prayers are being performed on the rivers as water is highly evitable for cultivation. On the day of Aadi Perukku, farmers offer a variety of flowers to the river, which is worshipped as a goddess, to bless them with sufficient water.

The banks of the rivers will be full of people on this day, and towards the evening, you can witness a variety of game events arranged by the local organizations. The entire area has a festive look, with various shops and other entertainment factors for every child and adult. People prepare delicious eateries and share them with friends and relatives. Aadi Perukku is one form of rejuvenating the relationship and connecting ourselves with nature.

Travel to India and see the rivers, revered as deities, and become a part of these Aadi Perukku celebrations!