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Bringing young children to India does come with challenges, but in our 20-plus years of bringing people to discover this incredible country, we’ve encountered pretty much every situation. So unless you’re travelling with quadruplet toddlers, we’ve probably got experience to draw upon when it comes to helping you make the most of a family holiday.

A well-planned holiday to India with children can still be very relaxing and most rewarding. Depending on the ages of your children, it is generally better (as indeed it is with all travel in India!) to spend more time in fewer destinations, and avoid too many travel days, which are definitely the most challenging aspect of being in India.

Beach destinations, places with abundant natural beauty and wildlife, accommodation options with plenty of space- rather than boxy hotel rooms- and as much variety as possible are good options for visiting India with kids.

Best of all is that Indian’s love children, and you’ll probably find that travelling with kids means you’ll attract even more friendly followers than travel with adults alone.We have the experience, and will take the time to listen and to care, to ensure that your decision to bring your family to India is one you relish.

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