Tripura is a small mountainous state located at the North East region of India. It is raw, unexplored and untouched by modernisation which is why it is an ideal destination for those travellers who seek a quiet laid out holiday atop the hills.


Tripura - North East India

There are various tribal settlements indigenous to this part of the country. One among the Seven Sisters of the North East India, Tripura is a picture perfect spot for the nature lovers. It has beautiful mountain tops, gorgeous valleys, shimmering waterfalls and what not. The Jampui Hills and the Chittagong Hills tops the list.

The Neermahal [Water Palace] and the Ujjayanta Palace are two major attractions for the architecture lovers. The Umamaheswar Temple, the Kamalasagar Kali Temple, the Tripura Sundari Temple and the Tribal Museum are among the other sightseeing places in Tripura. Browse through some of our hand - picked Tripura Itineraries for an off the beaten Indian holiday at Tripura.