The moderate climate of Mizoram makes it a perfect and a comfortable tourist destination even in summer. Mizoram is inhabited by various tribal communities who follow a wide range of religious customs and tradition. Exploring the customs, traditions, lifestyles and food habits of the Mizo adds extra liveliness to your travel experience.

Mizoram - North East - India

Mizoram is studded with wooden forests, green leafy valley, cascading waterfalls and lakes which offers unparallel beauty. Mizoram possesses many activities for the tourists. Lunglei town, Phawngpui peak, and Champhai are great options for trekking.

The Phawngpui peak, also known as the Blue mountain peak is favorite among the mountaineers. Being rich in bird diversity, Mizoram is a birding destination.Mizoram also provides opportunities to explore the caves of Pukzing and Lamsial Puk, Tam Dil, Rangdil are some of the lakes in Mizoram that offers thrilling water sport activities like angling and boating. The biggest Sidha river is an angler’s paradise.

Vantawng Falls, the highest waterfall, is a major tourist attraction. The architectural marvels - Mizoram state museum, and Luangmual Handicrafts center attracts tourists from all over the world. Mizoram delicacies have great influence of North Indian and Chinese cuisines and it is a real treat for the non-vegetarians. No words can explain the mesmerizing beauty of Mizoram. Visit Mizoram to experience the real beauty of this spectacular land.

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