Traditional Village Visit

Traditional Village Visit

Kerala is an incredible land enveloped fully in greenery and towering coconut grooves and is an internationally renowned tourist destination. Kerala is fully packed with scintillating backwaters, palm-fringed beaches, breathtaking hill stations, green paddy fields, sprawling tea plantations, adventurous sanctuaries, the wide variety of wildlife, historic monuments, beautiful temples, churches, mosques, etc. to attract its guests.

Traditional Village Visit - Kerala

Apart from the presence of these prominent tourist attractions, Kerala is also famed for its equally enchanting village life as well. And it constitutes an important tourist attraction in Kerala. The rural villages of Kerala offer a refreshing experience and a peaceful ambience amidst astounding beauty to boost your travel experience.

The soul of Kerala lies in its mind-blowing villages. A journey through the villages of Kerala will give you an insight into the local community dwelling there and the village lifestyle of the people.

The villages of Kerala is exceptionally beautiful with sprawling emerald paddy fields, the crisscross network of waterways, array of coconut groves and palm groves, ducks paddling on the water etc make you fall in love with the beauty of the villages.

You will get pampered by nature each and every time you are in the villages of Kerala. The simplicity of the village life in Kerala will definitely inspire you.

Unlike the fast life in the city, the villagers live a laid back and scheduled life. They live a simple and hassle-free life and are happy and fully satisfied with what they have. The villagers in Kerala are known for their unmatched hospitality and generous nature. Spending some quality time with these innocent and good-natured people in the soul of nature offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler who visits the enchanting villages of Kerala.

The people here are so hardworking that you will get inspired by the effort they put in doing various tasks. The villagers engage themselves in various activities like fishing, coir manufacturing, coconut leaf weaving, etc to earn their daily bread.

The villages of Kerala still follows the old traditions and believes that was followed in ancient Kerala and the villagers live according to the prescribed pattern. The villages are where you can catch a glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of Kerala. Visiting the villages in Kerala is like revisiting the old era of Kerala.

Tourists get more admired to the village life of Kerala. The traditionally built houses of the villagers will be unique as well as a different experience for every tourist. The family is considered to be the foremost importance for the village people. In typical village life, the male goes to work in the agricultural land or factories to earn the livelihood while the females take care of the household task.

The villagers are mainly farmers or fishermen. During the harvest season, the females also accompany the males in the agricultural fields. Some of the villagers work in small-scale industries like marine products, handloom and wooden work. Coir making has also become a major source of livelihood of the village people. Coconut fiber which is extracted from the coconut husk is used for making coir.

Fishing is the main occupation of villagers living near the backwaters of Kerala.You can watch the fishermen catching fishes, crabs, prawns, freshwater lobsters, and oysters. And you will also get a chance to taste the authentic fish delicacies of Kerala at the villages. You can explore the village by cycling or cruising through the backwaters. Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Kovalam are some of the tourist villages in Kerala. The village life in Kerala enriches every traveler with a heartwarming experience to cherish for a lifetime.