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Trichy, also known as Thiruchirapalli is an educational hub located exactly at the geo center of the South Indian state Tamil Nadu. It is an ancient town situated at the banks of the river Cauvery, renowned for its architectural monuments and culture as well. The city has been portraying an interesting blend of modernity with tradition in every phase of its existence.

The major landmark and the important tourist destination is the Rock Fort temple in Trichy. The temple atop the hillock is the icon of Trichy. From the base, you need to climb around 650 steps to reach the temple at the top where Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity. The aerial view of the city from the top of the hillock is a beautiful one. The hillock is a two tiered one and in the first floor, there exists a temple for Lord Shiva worshipped in the name of Thayumanava Swamy.

Besides the Rock Fort, there are many interesting places to visit in and around Trichy. The famous shopping zone is around the Rockfort where people from all the nearby villages visit for purchase during festivals. Even otherwise the shopping area is flooded the local population and the tourists.

There are many temples across the city and around the city. Famous among them are located in Srirangam, Tiruvanaikoil, Uraiyur,Samayapuram, Thriuvellarai, Thiruppainjeeli, Thirupattu, Annbil and the list goes on. Most of the temples have been in existence for many centuries and each temple complex is an architectural wonder..

Trichy is a habitat for heterogeneous populations following different religions because of the presence of Large Industriali Units like HAPP and BHEL functioning at Trichy. The city is famous for glass bangles, clay toys, diamond jewelry and the world famous cigars.

Come and enjoy the blend of architecture, culture, heritage and tradition of Thiruchirapalli.