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Famous as 'Temple Town', Kumbakonam is located in Tanjore district and is 40 km away from Tanjore. Kumbakonam is considered as one of the ancient towns in Tamil Nadu.The temple town is renowned for the Mahamaham celebration that is rejoiced once in every 12 years in the Mahamaham tank installed in the center of the town.

Panchaloha idols, bronze lamps and Betel leaves are the symbols of Kumbakonam. Betel leaves grow here abundantly which are used all special occasions as well as for daily usage. Dozens of holy places are dotted around the city, which provide an opportunity to visit the nearby Chola temples at Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam has one more to its cap that this is the birth place of the world renowned mathematician Ramanujam.

The city is delimited by two rivers, the Arasalar River on the South and Cauvery River on the North.