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The princess of Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu, nestled around the Palani Hills,height of kodaikanal from sea level is 2133m is the scenic tourist attraction called Kodaikanal.Madurai is located a 120km away and the drive from there to Kodaikanal is very enjoyable experience as you travel through the lush coffee and forests climbing gradually to 2300 metres in altitude.

kodaikanal india points of interest is rich with flora and fauna.One interesting event in kodaikanal sceneries is blossoming of the flower Kurinji whose frequency is once in twelve years. This is the unique plant of Kodaikanal and it will be wonderful to watch the flowers filling the slopes with the blaze of the purple. A specialty in Kodaikanal is the delicious home-made chocolate which is available in many shops around the town. Tamil and English are the main languages which are spoken in Kodaikanal.

The Kodai Lake is the major kodaikanal tourist attractions Boating on the lake is a popular pastime activity. The road encircling the lake is around 4kms and cycling along this road is also an exciting way to enjoy this 154 year old artificial lake. kodaikanal tourist spots having the shore of the lake is a boathouse and to the east of the lake is Bryant Park.It is famous for its plant collection and annual flower show held in May. Just beyond the city center there are some enchanting picnic spots called Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade Falls, and Green Valley View which offer good views of the valley.

kodaikanal scenery has thickly wooded slopes, well laid out walking paths through picturesque scenery,waterfalls and steep rock outcrops.Coakers Walk, just ½ km away from the Kodai town is popular among the travellers for the views it offers. It is a 1 km walkway with handrails by the side where travellers could indulge in leisure walk enjoying some beautiful kodaikanal sceneries of the hills. Another great spot to spend time is the Dolphin Nose. You get a stunning bird’s eye view of the Kodai Hills and the surrounding landscape from the Dolphin Nose. However to reach Dolphin Nose, you would have to trek through an uneven path and it would take nearly 2 hours to reach the spot.

The climate and weather in kodaikanal in october is chilly most of the time. The best time to visit kodaikanal attractions during October to March when the temperature range between 20°c to 30°c.