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India is a land of incredible beauty and diversity; visitors have been spellbound by India for centuries. India is far from a new destination for tourists, and foreigners have been visiting this mysterious and exotic land since the earliest days of travel. Indeed many of India’s original visitors -early Arab explorers and the trade-oriented British, came with a sense of adventure and end up with a desire to rule India, such was the land’s richness on many levels.

Mere words do little to describe the beauty of India. From the snow clad Himalayas, the lush forests of Assam, golden deserts of Rajasthan, the green fields of India’s ‘rice-bowl’ in the Punjab, the mighty Ganges as it grows from mere mountain stream to a languid behemoth on the plains below, the divine temples of Tamil Nadu, wondrous ancient monuments of Karnataka, the serene backwaters of Kerala, the pristine beaches of Goa and much, much more, there are myriad sights to mesmerise and enrapture the visitor. The list may not be endless, but it’s pretty close!

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