Narthamalai Hills tamilnadu

Narthamalai Hills

Trichy Narthamalai is situated at a distance of 25 Km from the city of Trichy.The place is famous for a number of the oldest structural stone temples constructed by Mutharaiyar. The Narthamalai Temple has six large, dexterously engraved statues of Lord Vishnu installed in the central hall.

Narthamalai Hills - Trichy

Nine little hills: Kottai Malai, Mela Malai, Kadambar Malai, Alurutti Malai, Paraiyan Malai, Man Malai, Bommadi Malai, Uvachchan Malai, and Pon Malai—encircle the area.

These hills are said to be pieces of the Dronagiri or Gandhamardan peak where the Sanjeevani herbs grew, and the Hanuman lifted the mountain and took it to Sri Lanka in order to give Lakshmana life back. Pieces of it fell here when Hanuman tossed it back from Lanka. The Perungalur sthalapurana calls it Naradamalai, derived from the name of the sage Narada. The story behind the town's name, Naradamalai, comes from Raju, who explains that the image of the sage Narada that can be found throughout the area was mistakenly identified as the image of Vina.

Several historic rock-cut temples from the ninth century can be found in the highlands. With elaborate carvings and sculptures portraying a variety of mythical subjects, these temples are mostly devoted to Lord Shiva. Numerous inscriptions, sculptures that shed light on the history, culture and religious activities of the area throughout time have made Narthamalai an archaeological treasure trove.

Narthamalai Hills are significant in terms of history and religion, but they are also beautiful places to hike and a favourite spot for nature lovers and photographers because of their verdant surroundings and calm atmosphere.