Aurobhindo Handmade Paper

Aurobhindo Handmade Paper

Sri Aurobindo handmade paper factory was started in the mid of 1940 by the sadhaks of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. They produced creative handmade paper at a very small scale out of waste materials. Then later on, these papers became very famous and in the year 1959 large unit was built for the manufacture of these papers at larger scale. This factory is now in the heart of the city and produces tons of creative papers from waste materials and exports them to other foreign countries.

Aurobhindo Handmade Paper - Pondicherry

The main raw material needed for the manufacturing of this paper is white fine - cotton rag. The rags are sorted by hand before being cut into finer pieces. Then later these fine particles are ground into pulp, which is later turned into paper. In this process of paper making, most of the work is manually done, ergo the quality of the paper is unique and stands atop all other papers.

These papers are of high value and are 100% cotton, beautifully textured, versatile and durable. These papers are apt for wedding invitation, magazines, archival preservation and diaries.

Sri Aurobindo handmade papers are worth the money and are of great quality. There are varied varieties of paper designs which will make us surprise.

How to reach: :

 Sri Aurobindo handmade paper factory is in Pondicherry. There are surplus busses from Chennai, and Kanchipuram to Pondicherry. There are also passenger trains to Pondicherry from Egmore and Tambaram stations.