Shillong Meghalaya

As the capital of the state of Meghalaya, Shillong is the perfect blend of ancient charm and the modern world. Situated in the east of the Khasi hills, it becomes the repository for weary travelers with a much needed respite from travel. As a capital city, Shillong flaunts a beautifully paved roads, rail tracks and airport which makes it easier for travel.

Shillong - Meghalaya

The city looks as if it has emerged from a classic novel. Shillong is an amazement for tourists who come to take in the dreamy haze of the city. You can visit the elephant waterfalls in the glistering morning as the sunlight dances along the droplets of the waterfall.

Surrounded by greenery, the entire place is a picturesque beauty to revel in. as you wander around the Elephant falls, you will come across the Shillong Peak which offers you a bird’s eye view. Depending upon the time of the day, you can feel the touch of the Meghalayan clouds caressing the strands off your hair.

If you get to visit the peak during a clear sky, you can get an astounding view of the Himalayas and Bangladesh. You can visit the place that has the highest rainfall in India, Cherrapunjee which has several astonishing waterfalls and live root bridges.

If you think about shopping, Shillong offers some of the country’s best markets. The wholesale vegetable market makes for an amazing evening to spend strolling and shopping.

How to reach Shillong ?

By air : The nearest airport is the Umroi airport which is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city.

By rail :The closest railway station to Shillong is located at Guwahati.

By road :Shillong is well connected by road and the state government has provided a lot of public transport to Shillong.